Ophelia Rose

Have you ever dreamed of wearing your favourite leather jacket on your wedding day? You may also have pondered how you could match your jacket in with your wedding theme, so it looks like it’s designed to be part of your outfit rather than just a cover up? No worries and we would like to introduce you to Ophelia Rose who hand paint leather jackets in the most amazing way.

The process is simple, but the end result is beautiful. You supply the jacket and Suzanne will design original artwork for it based on for example, your wedding flowers or theme. You can then add a word, phrase, or short song lyric of your choice.

You send your jacket to Suzanne  who then hand paints the design onto it. You will then have the most amazing, custom designed jacket to wear on your big day and for many years to come.

We love the fact that this adds such an incredibly personal touch to your day. So whether your style is boho, rock n roll or vintage, dig out that jacket and get planning your design.



Ophelia Rose – Feel the vibe & take a look at their gorgeous gallery …

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