Le Colonel Moutarde

Le Colonel Moutarde create the most fabulous bow ties. And take it from us, we’re not talking about standard off the shelf sombre looking bow ties. Oh no, Le Colonel Moutarde’s bow ties are super stylish and available in a wonderfully unique array of colours and patterns.

We’re definitely talking about bow ties that are edgy, cool and effortlessly chic. It’s not surprising that Le Colonel Moutarde is a French run company with several boutiques in France and one in the fashionable Shoreditch area of London.

All Le Colonel Moutarde’s bow ties are handmade in Lille with a real sense of style. This is what elevates them to something you really want to be seen in, and they’re such a fantastic addition to any on trend outfit, whether you’re getting married or not.

For those that are planning a wedding, you can choose an existing design, or take advantage of the tailor made service and have a bow tie made that reflects your unique style.

Le Colnoel Moutarde’s boutiques and online store also offer a stylish range of menswear accessories and more, all have that trademark touch of panache.




Le Colonel Moutarde – Feel the vibe & take a look at their gorgeous gallery …


Take a look at this super vibrant post over on the blog where we chat to Clemence about her dynamic and expanding business:

Le Colonel Moutarde – Super Stylish Bow Ties & men’s Accessories


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