Beautiful Buttercream Wedding Cakes By Emma Page Cakes

by Michelle

We adore the buttercream wedding cakes that Emma Page specialises in and we were lucky enough to meet Emma and her lovely team at the Most Curious Wedding Fair in Brick Lane, London a while back. We could see Emma’s stand from afar as it was wonderfully vibrant, and oh so popular.

Having battled our way to the front, in the nicest possible way, no sharp elbows here, promise, we took a closer look at Emma’s cakes and believe me, they look amazing in the photo’s we’re sharing with you here but they’re even more gorgeous in real life.

Emma’s special recipe buttercream has been developed to remain fresh at room temperature for over a week and stable enough to pipe even the most ornate designs with a lifelike dimension and feel to them, yet still remain buttery and absolutely delicious. Emma, however you’ve achieved that, we’ve no idea, but total respect to you.

Emma and her team have such a unique style and they’re one of the few cake makers that are using all buttercream to decorate their cakes in the most magnificent way. They have a dynamic, spirited style that looks so lively and in the moment, yet don’t be deceived, these cakes also have an immaculate finish and the attention to detail is stunning.

What we love about the Italian meringue buttercream that Emma uses is that it takes colour so well and has a sheen and a visual depth that’s difficult to replicate with a traditional fondant finish. Needless to say, we love all Emma’s cakes, but here are some of our outstanding designs for you to enjoy and draw inspiration from for all you lovelies planning forward for your wedding.


Source for all images: Emma Page Cakes

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