Wonderfully Whimsical Mermaid Crowns By Frida Flower Crowns

by Michelle

Frida Flower Crowns on Etsy create one of a kind flower and mermaid crowns which are simply stunning. Just perfect for your wedding and they’d look fantastic in photo shoots, and when we’re able to get out and about again at festivals and parties they’ll look amazing there too.

As you know here at Girl Gets Wed, we champion creativity and there’s nothing more imaginative and totally lush as a mermaid crown where every shell is different and it takes a super artistic eye to put one together. Most crowns also faux jewels and some have gorgeous multi dimensional crystals giving them such a unique radiance.

So I think we all agree that the whimsical, glistening bejewelled creations that are mermaid crowns are mermaid crowns will look amazing on you whatever your wedding or party vibe from bohemian free spirits to something altogether more dark and gothic, and did we mention rocking a Cleopatra look? Scroll on down for loads more inspiration.

We hope you like all Frida’s Flower Crowns as much as we do and you  can see more of their products in their Etsy Store

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