The Three Graces – Exquisite Gowns By Claire Pettibone

by Michelle

Claire Pettibone wedding dresses are simply gorgeous. They combine a vintage feel with modern silhouettes and an elegant take on bohemia that gives them the most unique romantic quality.

In particular, we love the detail, clever use of colour and total individuality of Claire’s designs. You’ll find the full range of Claire’s designs on her site, and there really is something to suit every bride, and Claire’s new collection entitled The Three Graces is absolutely exquisite.

Those of you who know your Greek mythology will be aware that the three graces were the daughters of Zeus and Hera, the three graces bestow their gifts of charm, beauty and creativity on humanity. They have been painted and sculpted throughout the ages, and Claire chose them as her inspiration for this collection where each gown really is like an individual work of art.

As Claire reflects “These iconic symbols of beauty and creativity served as muses, and I believe the goddesses are with us still, reminding us of beauty and joy, and inviting us to come dance with them…I hope you’ll join us.”

Come and take a closer look at these gorgeous gowns with us.

Source for all images: Claire Pettibone

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