Amazing Cakes From Peggy Porschen

by Michelle

Peggy Porschen are well known for their trailblazing cake artistry, creating whimsical, joyful cakes and more that are just like mini works of art.

Pegy Porschen cakes have a legion of admirers and we’re totally not surprised. We particularly love their party cakes. Whilst not specifically marketed as wedding cakes, we think they would make marvellous cakes for the smaller weddings so many of you are planning at the moment.

As you can see, there’s not a plain white cake in sight, so these are for lovers of the fun and the fabulous which has always been our vibe here at Girl Gets Wed.

Wouldn’t they also look amazing as a baby shower cake, at your hen do, and of course as the showstopper for your birthday bash, anniversary party or whatever your reason to celebrate? We love them all, so scroll on down and be inspired by just a few of our particular favourites from Peggy Porschen’s  single tier selection of party cakes.

Don’t forget to pop over to Peggy Porschen’s site to see many more of their amazing cakes, you can thank us later.

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