The Wildly Romantic Marrakech Collection From Madi Lane Bridal

by Michelle

It’s such a pleasure to introduce you to Madi Lane Bridal, an Australian based bridal wear brand that we know you’ll love as much as we do. We thought we’d start by showcasing some of our favourite gowns from their Marrakech Collection which was released at the end of last year and should still be widely available.

The Marrakech Collection draws it’s inspiration from the mysterious and majestic cultural influences of European, Middle Eastern and African cities, it pays homage to the snow draped Atlas Mountains and the rich earthen tones of the desert.

The alluring designs contrast beautifully against the Marrakech backdrop of traditional maze-like alleys, fresh spices, bright colours and rich flavours.

The collection’s key elements include rich European crepe designs, luxurious beading and billowing fabric drapes just perfect for vibrant modern brides.

Scroll through some of our hero pieces from Marrakech, and you’ll see why we’ve so taken with it.

Source for all images: Madi Lane Bridal

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