Beautiful Handmade Photo Albums & Journals From Paper High

by Michelle

Whether you’re looking for a gorgeous, one of a kind photo album for all your lovely wedding photos, or a journal for your wedmin, just look at what we’ve found for you from Paper High at Not On The High Street.

Paper High specialise in seeking out the most beautiful products and gifts being produced by Fair Trade organisations in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Their speciality is journals, photo albums and notebooks made with high-quality handmade paper and bound in soft leather or richly coloured sari fabrics they also have a great range of stunning handmade leather bags, which we’ll share with you soon.

For the moment though it’s photo albums, journals and notebooks that we want to showcase, and it will come as no surprise that we adore the colour saturated tones of the Sari Collection and the wonderfully tactile and vibrant leather bound notebooks and journals, which would make the most wonderful wedding planning journals. Come and take a look.

What better way to display your precious wedding photos than a unique handmade photo album, carefully handcrafted by artisans? Paper High’s fair trade photo albums are also make a fantastic gift for friends and family.

Handmade Sari Extra Large Photo Album

These stunning, handmade, fair trade and eco friendly sari photo albums are covered with vibrant sari fabric and bound with handmade, recycled paper.

They Contain 30 pages (60 sides) of recycled, acid-free cotton paper which are interleaved with protective tissue paper to keep all of your most precious photos safe.

The pages are plain to give you the freedom to fill them however you choose. Photos can be added using photo corners, which are available in any good photography shop, spray mount or simple glue. The plain pages mean that this album is also perfect for use as a sketch or scrap book. They are available in 6 vibrant colours – Blue, Green, Red, Purple, Pink and Cerise.

And the medium sized albums are equally lovely and are also available in a wide range of jewel colours.


Paper High’s stylish Sari and leather Journals are all expertly crafted to create something which will keep you company on your spontaneous adventures, secret getaways or simply beside you as inspiration strikes.

So wherever you take them, whatever you write in them, you can be sure that they will stay looking good along the way. And of course they will make gorgeous wedding planning journals.

Handmade Large Sari Journal

These stunning handmade, eco friendly large  sari journals are covered with vibrant sari fabric and bound with handmade paper.

A beautiful gift for someone who loves writing, sketching or just doodling. We think this book would make a fantastic visual diary or also lends itself perfectly for use as a travel journal!

These journals have 125 pages of unlined, recycled cotton paper.

Handmade Sari Notebook

Perfectly portable, these beautifully crafted notebooks are bound in a vibrant sari fabric and filled with handmade paper.

These notebooks are the perfect gift for those who love to write notes on the go and perfect to keep in your bag for those unexpected moments of inspiration.

Each notebook contains 30 pages of blank handmade recycled cotton paper and is fastened with a traditional wrap around string.

Handmade Sari Notepads

Another lovely treat for people on the go, these Fair Trade, beautifully crafted notepads are also bound in vibrant saris and filled with handmade paper.

They  contain 80 pages of handmade recycled cotton paper. Each page is perforated for easy removal, ideal for artists or just making a list!

Handmade Three String Leather Journals

Stylish and unique, these three string journals are available in eleven lovely rich colours with 125 pages of unlined khadda paper; khadda is recycled cotton that has been left over from the massive garment industry in India. It is handmade and doesn’t contain any chemicals as  only unbleached cotton is used that is very easy to write on. The paper is made by charity in rural Rajasthan that promotes women’s education and their social standing in the rural villages.

These eye-catching notebooks really would make the most exquisite wedding planners and you can also have them personalised. How lovely is that?

Handcrafted Embossed Leather Notebooks

Totally unique and with a delicate tactile finish, these hand embossed leather notebooks have approx 60 pages of unlined khadda paper.

The embossing on the covers has been done with small individual handmade tools making each notebook unique. The embossed pattern might not be the same as on the image but will be just as lovely and carefully made.

Available in 3 sizes including a handy small pocket size. These notebooks are also available in four colours and we especially love the emerald green of course, the hot pink

They would make a  great diary, travel journal, inspiration book or simple notebook.

We hope you love  these handmade soaps as much as we do and you can see more over in Paper High’s store on Not On The High Street

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