Bright & Beautiful Alternative Wedding Dresses From Love Shack Fancy

by Michelle

We love bringing you wedding dress inspiration, and we have more fabulous frocks for you today. These though are slightly different as they’re not technically classed as wedding dresses. But hey, when has that ever stooped us from bringing you the best of the best that reflects our unique take on weddings.

Given that weddings will be taking a different and smaller format for some time to come, we know that so many of you are re-thinking your wedding look to reflect this.Megena Maxi Dress Pink 1

So just take a look at these gorgeous dress from Love Shack Fancy’s latest mainline collection. They’re fabulously colourful, wearable and sexy in that wonderfully laid back boho style that echos our own trademark vibe.

You loved Love Shack Fancy’s debut bridal collection that we showcased recently and all of today’s dresses are equally stunning.NORMA BORDEAUX HAND DYE 2

As with the best boho styles, the choice is yours as to whether you dress you look up or down. An some playful accessories to adorn your look, or simply wear flowers in your hair and add your wedding glow for a joyfully relaxed timeless feel.Cyrena Dress Millenial Pink 3

All the dresses feature sumptuous tactile fabrics and great craftsmanship and exquisite embroidery. They’re perfect for small and intimate weddings and as they’re not overtly bridal, we can see you wearing them long after your wedding.

Take a look at some of our favourites and we know you’ll fall in love with them as much as we have.Mical Skirt Multi colouredGWYNETH DRESS PINK 2

FRANCOISE OMBRE FUCHSIA 1 Megena Maxi Dress Pink 2 NORMA BORDEAUX HAND DYE 1 Resort 2021 2 Resort 2021 3 Resort 2021 4SteffenResort 2021 6

Source for all images: Love Shack Fancy

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