The New Daydream Muse Collection By Catherine Deane

by Michelle

Daydream Muse is the latest collection from Catherine Deane and it’s truly beautiful and perfect for all our laid back brides looking to add a fashion-forward twist to their bridal look.Daydream Muse

Paying homage to the golden light just before sunset, Catherine was inspired by the softness and tone of this magical hour. Where the angle of the sun creates strong shadows and brings out textures that are not always visible during the day.Sylvia Overskirt 2

So, if you’re looking for a romantic effortless gown or separates with a touch of sophistication and an unconventional, almost whimsical twist, then scroll through our gallery below. We love them and we know you will too.

Reagan Dress Reeve Gown Reva Gown 1 Reva Gown 2 Reva Gown 3 Rion Top 1 Rion Top 2 Riva Top Rosari Gown 1 Rosari Gown 2 Rosari Gown Oyster 2 Sita Top 2 Skyla Gown 1 Sonnet Bodice Swan Blouse Sylvia Overskirt 1

Source for all images: Catherine Deane

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