More From The Marylise Bridal Pink Lemonade Collection

by Michelle

We love the Marylise Bridal 2020 Collection entitled Pink Lemonade so much that we’ve split our review of it over two posts so that we can do justice to all the beautiful detailing. You loved part one, so we’re really excited now to bring you more from the collection.Marylise Every day SunShine 1 1

You may not know it, but Marylise Bridal is a sister brand to Rembo Styling, a brand we love and have featured several times recently. So if your style is boho with a modern edge, you’ll love both brands as much as we do.Marylise Dream Lover 2 3

What really chimes with us about this collection from Marylise is that they are relaxed and wearable, but they’re also stylish and modern, with cool separates, unusual textures, and beautiful design features. They’re a Belgian bridal designer who we think more brides need to have on their radar, if you’re looking for a dress that’s playful, laid-back yet super chic, these gowns will be right up your (effortlessly stylish) street. Take a look at these gorgeous styles below and we’re sure you’ll be as smitten as we are.

Diamond Crumble

A stunning two piece! Separate top with beaded lace and short sleeves combined with a flowing tulle skirt.

Marylise Diamond Crumble 1 2 Marylise Diamond Crumble 1 1


Embroided flower lace top with nude lining to create a nice play of transparency. The chiffon skirt Skirt adds movement.Marylise Dream Lover 2 1

Marylise Dream Lover 2 2

Everyday Sunshine

Such an elegant dress with lace top and skirt in chiffon. Classy V-neckline front and back. The undertone of the top can both be nude or ivory, as you wish!Marylise Every day SunShine 1 2

Marylise Every day SunShine 1 3

Just Chilling 1

An absolutely stunning full lace dress with short sleeves, V-neckline and an open back!

Marylise Just Chilling 1 2 Marylise Just Chilling 1 1

Say I Do

Another beautiful dress with a feature open backed lace top  and flowing crepe skirt.

Marylise Say I Do 1 3 Marylise Say I Do 1 2 Marylise Say I Do 1 1

Source for all images: Marylise Bridal

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