Little Eglantine – Beautiful Flower Girl & Page Boy Outfits

by Michelle

French Maison de Couture Little Eglantine create beautifully classic flower girl dresses and charming page boy outfits along with many more special occasion designer pieces for babies and children.

Their award-winning designs have caught the eye of many celebrity figures and even royalty. Most notably HRH Princess Claire of Luxembourg, who entrusted Little Eglantine to create her junior bridal party outfits.

Classic French elegance and exquisite finishing are the hallmarks of Little Eglantine. High quality fabrics, thoughtful details and exclusive service are what you can expect when ordering as each garment is beautifully handmade in their Atelier by a team of dedicated professionals.

We’ll hand you over to Little Eglantine’s owner  Stephanie Staub to tell you more about how her creative passion led her to designing such adorable outfits.

Tell us a little about yourself and your business

My name is Stephanie Staub and I am French. I started sewing from very young, and used to create and sew my own party dresses when I was a teenager. After having followed business studies and worked for big companies ( which had nothing to do with sewing!), I thought there was something missing in my professional life: creation and art.

I then start preparing our wedding and thought I would design and make our own flower girl dresses and page boy outfits. I had so much fun doing it, I thought I could also do it for others. So that’s how it all began. I followed a course on professional sewing and pattern-making and launched Little Eglantine. Little Eglantine is a French Maison de Couture, offering Award winning flower girl dresses, page boy outfits, communion dresses, christening gowns and party outfits for stylish children to clients all over the world among whom celebrities and society brides.

What motivated you to start your business?

Passion! I needed to add creativity and beauty to my work.

Tell us a little more about the day to day activities of your business

Every morning I start my day by posting a picture on Instagram , but apart from that, each day is different… Fall and Winter are a more quite season as most weddings are taking place during Spring and Summer. So I take this opportunity to concentrate on designing my new collection.

I love this time of the year when I play with fabrics and ribbons. I love visiting suppliers and getting excited when seeing one specific fabric gives me the inspiration to create a specific design. I then play with materials, see what colours match best, I adjust the shapes, I cut patterns, trying to find the perfect shape for a new dress, testing it on dummies and children until I get the perfect look I am happy with.

We are a team of 8, so I manage everyone, making sure everything goes smoothly and on time. I am also often at the Atelier, working with my delightful and talented dressmakers. I work closely with them, giving them all the details of the finishing touches I feel are important for each dress. Here resides luxury… perfect finish, down to smallest details. Once the prototypes have been made and I am happy with the final result, lovely girls and boys happily model for Little Eglantine. The Photoshoot period is very busy, but what a thrill!

So then my days consist of photo-editing, updating the website with the new collection, liaising with the press and blog owners letting them know about it, answer their needs when they want a specific garment for a photoshoot…

In the mean time, I am always available to answer my clients’ questions; I love listening to them, trying to find the perfect look for their flower girls and page boys, depending on the style and colours they are dreaming of for their wedding. I personally overlook each garment once made, to make sure everything is perfect.

 If our readers were to order from you, what can they expect?

Hopefully the best! All the team here is dedicated to perfection. Far from the industrialized mass production, confidential French Maison de Couture Little Eglantine offers personally-designed flower girl dresses, page boy outfits, communion and christening dresses.

Each garment is made to order, as brides-to-be can choose the fabric they want among a wide range of taffetas, silk organzas and cottons and can this way personalise the dress, the sash, the buttons, and even the piping of the garments! So nearly each dress is unique. Who would like to have the same flower girl dresses as their neighbours?!

Our statement is all about simple, timeless and luxurious French elegance.

Our relentless pursuit of perfection spans in each detail, as well as the exclusive service we offer.
If brides-to-be have questions about which garment would be best for their wedding, or if they have any enquiries, I am glad to help as much as I can. Being an online boutique, we are also delighted to send fabric swatches, as we know how important it is to get a good idea of what the outfits would look like.

This also helps brides-to-be compare colours when trying to match the bridesmaid dresses with the junior bridal party, the flowers etc…. I usually recommend that three months before the wedding, my clients email me the children’s measurements, so that I can anticipate their growth and recommend which size is best to order. This way they can relax feeling assured the garments will be perfect on the day and concentrate on the other parts of the run up to the wedding.

How can couples judge if a company is the right fit for their wedding?

It all depends on the quality, the service and the style they are looking for. I would say that they first need to fall in love with the designs. There is no point concentrating on a company if you don’t like the dresses! Then it is important to know if the designer and her team will back you up whatever happens.

We never let our clients down and always make sure they get perfection. We have had so many thank you notes from brides who were stunned by the quality of service we offer… I would also recommend to have a look at the recommendations, what do past clients say about this specific company? Were they happy with the service and the final result?

What are your favourite moments from previous weddings you’ve been involved with?

I have many favourite moments! Once I was contacted by an absolutely lovely lady, kind, gentle, adorable. She was looking for bespoke garments for her wedding. I then happened to understand she was engaged to HRH Prince Felix of Luxembourg. It was a delight working with her, imagining with her what would be the best for her wedding and it was an honour for all our team to contribute to their Royal wedding.

But this said, I absolutely love this time spent with each bride, listening, trying to understand what she would like most, suggesting, inventing for her… Each bride is unique to me.

Then, I love seeing the dresses made, our mutual creation come to life. And the third but not least favourite moment is when the brides send me pictures of their wedding, which I share with all the team… there is so much emotion seeing all the fruit of our efforts being worn by adorable children during the wedding… it brings everything to life.

The bigger picture – does your business offer goods/services outside of the wedding world? Tell us more

We do offer communion dresses as well as christening dresses and party dresses. I have also designed a small collection for elegant babies!

And finally, what or who inspires you and why?

I think that my inspiration comes from within, from the inside joy and happiness I have, trying to express it in my designs. It is like a music you have inside you you want to share with the world. I am also a great fan of French designers such as Chanel or Dior, I love Haute Couture catwalks, they are so inspiring.

All images courtesy of Little Eglantine

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