Hand Painted Tealight Holders, Mason Jars & More

by Michelle

We know how much you love our new lifestyle section here on the blog and in our marketplace, so we’re working super hard to bring you lots more amazing home inspiration. Often, as here, there’s inspiration for both your home and your wedding decor. A real win- win as far as we’re concerned.

Just take a look at these colour pop accessories – hand painted tea light holders, mason jars and cute mini storage baskets. Aren’t they fab?

They’re all made by Emma Em studio and you can shop for them now on our marketplace. We think they’re just the thing to lift your spirits and add a pop of vibrant contemporary colour to your home.

Then planning forward, they’d look gorgeous clustered together on your wedding reception tables, with the tealight holders giving you lovely soft mood lighting and the mason jars would look stunning with simple flower arrangements.

The real bonus of course would be that you can use them again at home after your wedding. Here are some more of our favourites.

Hand Painted Glass Tea Light Holders

We love these mandala inspired tea light holders ….

And these lotus painted ones, such stunning jewel tones.

And these cascade patterned ones are beautiful.

A really lovely idea for your wedding would be to mix and match the patterns and colours to add interest to your reception tables.

Some of the tealight holders are also available with lids which are great for putting your wedding favours in. They’d look fabulous on each place setting and you could either opt for the same colourway or choose one or two different colours to match in with your colour palate.

Hand Painted Mason Jars

These hand painted mason jars are fantastic for use as wedding decor, but also as candle holders, table centrepieces, and generally just look great around the home with anything in them really. Lids are included with your jar so you can use them for storage to. And just look at the dazzling choice of colours you can choose from.

These jars look fabulous with candles or battery operated LED lights in them, making them perfect for your wedding.

And you can see how beautiful they look with even the most simple flower arrangements. Clustered together like this, they really would make a stunning wedding centrepiece, or look equally good on a table at home.

Rainbow Rope Bowls

These cute little rope bowls are completely  handmade from 100% cotton rope, which is hand formed into a bowl shape on a sewing machine using cotton thread. The bowls are then dip dyed by hand to create the ombre effect and then more stitching is added for some stylish definition at the top.

Such a great mini storage solution. Which colour would you choose?

Don’t forget, you can shop for all of the above on our Marketplace.

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