A Relaxed Fun Filled Day With Beautiful DIY Elements

by Michelle

Leila and Rhy’s  Autumn wedding was full of beautifully authentic DIY details which made it super meaningful to the couple themselves and it created such a relaxed romantic setting for their guests to enjoy.

Their venue echoed this laid back vibe perfectly. Lyde Court is s gorgeous 16th century stone barn surrounded by lovely gardens and characterful spaces which Leila and Rhys made great use of.

And we’re sure that like us, you’ll love the fabulously fun and dynamic photos of the whole day. All credit goes to the enormously talented Pixie at Pixie Abbott Photography for these.

Over to Leila now to tell us more about her big day.

The name and location of your venue

Lyde Court, Hereford

What was the style of your wedding?

A little bit rock and roll, a little bit boho!

How did you make your day feel really personal to you as a couple?

We did a lot of it ourselves, I tailored my dress, we wrote our vows, made all the cakes, did the flowers and most of the table decorations were things from our garden/ nearby areas (apart from the mini pumpkins!)

How did you decide on your venue?

Lyde court was the first venue we saw, we had a few others booked in but we were so blown away that we cancelled the others. We loved how relaxed it all was and it didn’t feel salesy or pushy at all, we just knew!

Tell us about your wedding outfits

I knew I didn’t want to break the bank of my dress, it was more important to have all of our friends there than things like that. I ordered one from ASOS that I loved and was only £40 but everyone’s reaction was really underwhelmed when they saw it so I decided I’d still keep it but save it for the evening.

I’m glad I did because the dress I ended up having (which was also from ASOS but a bit more at £180) ended up being the dream! I had to tailor it to fit me on the back but once I had it was perfect and everyone thought it was super expensive!

The evening dress was much lighter and looked cool with my Doc Martins and as it was so cheap, I didn’t mind that I’d spilt whiskey all over myself by about 8pm haha

Rhys left it until about 2 weeks before to get a suit, barely thought about it, walked in to the Hawkes in Cardiff, picked a dark green tweed one and that was it! He looked amazing in it. He’s worn it to every smart occasion since so although it was expensive, he’ll get his money’s worth!

What was your standout moment of your day?

It’s really hard to pick one but due to the number of guests and the chevron pattern the tables were in, the venue asked us on the day if we’d be comfortable sitting on the stage, we didn’t have a top table so it was just going to be the two of us looming over everyone so we were a little apprehensive, but it was amazing.

We didn’t stop talking/laughing and I remember taking a moment to stop and look at all of our friends and family and soaking up every second, seeing everyone we love in one room and having a view of it all from the stage was incredible.

What are your top tips for other couples planning their wedding?

There are some things that you HAVE to do together, I tried to take on most of it by myself but when it came to the seating plan, I was pulling my hair out. One of my best friends said “get a bottle of wine, sit down and don’t get up until it’s done” and we ended up doing exactly that.

We had a complicated family situation with both sets of parents being divorced, some remarried and some not so we spent a lot of time worrying about that but open communication really helped us navigate that and everyone ended up having a ball!



Photographer: Pixie  Abbott Photography

Venue: Lyde Court


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