From Festival Wedding to Bright Boho Garden

by Michelle

You know how much we love a festival wedding, especially the ones with a bright boho vibe. Equally so many of you tell us how much you’ve enjoyed planning your wedding especially the creative elements, and you really miss this once your big day is over, so we’re planning on adding a lifestyle element to the site, to give all those creative juices from your wedding a new outlet. It’s also a brilliant reason to stay with us long after your big day.

Festival Wedding Inspo 2

We’re planning on bringing you fabulous styling and design ideas for your home, both inside and out. So just for fun and as a little taster, we thought we’d take the idea of a festival wedding and create some fun and funky high summer looks for the garden. So we just took a garden bench, a wicker chair, stacks of colourful cushions, a few other bits and bobs and let our imagination run riot….

Festival Wedding Inspo 15

Festival Flowers

The key with festival wedding flowers is to work towards a natural, just picked from the field or garden look to blend in with your surroundings.

Festival Wedding Inspo 1

It doesn’t actually take many blooms to achieve a lovely rustic look. This hydrangea and small stem of begonias really pop against this rich terracotta wall of our courtyard garden.

Festival Wedding Inspo 12

Grouping vases of the same flowers together, in colours to tie in with your wedding theme gives you a cohesive look, whilst the natural trimmings on the jars keeps things relaxed.

Festival Wedding Inspo 19

Use Soft Furnishings to Add Pops of Colour

OK, so we went a tad OTT with the cushions and throws on this bench below, but it’s given us a full on festival vibe and also illustrates how adding just a few pops of colour, say just the pink, baby blue and zesty lime cushions can elevate a plain bench, or sofa into something more of a statement piece.

Festival Wedding Inspo 10

Here’s what we mean. Just enough colour to retain the boho vibe whilst looking sooo inviting.

Festival Wedding Inspo 4

Add Fun Accessories

Who doesn’t love a fun quote or statement sign? Guaranteed to put a smile on your face and so versitile as you can use them outside or take them indoors.

Festival Wedding Inspo 18

Festival Wedding Inspo 17

Festival Wedding Inspo 16

Colourful Mason Jars 

Mason jars are timeless pieces that fit festival weddings perfectly and also add a lovely relaxed vibe to any party. Use them for drinks, but also don’t forget they look beautiful when filled with flowers.

Festival Wedding Inspo 9

We love coloured Mason Jars. You can buy specific colours like these or if you’re using them for decorative purposes only, you can paint them whatever colour you want. They would look amazing painted Bright yellows, pinks, reds and greens for a Mexican themed wedding. Or if vintage rustic is more your look, pearlised pastels would fit so well.

Festival Wedding Inspo 7

Seaside Festival Vibes

As many of you know Girl Gets Wed is based by the sea, so we couldn’t resist putting together a seaside themed festival table.

Festival Wedding Inspo 5

Festival Chill Out

Every festival needs a chill out zone, so we thought we’d finish with this.

Festival Wedding Inspo 14

We really hope you’ve enjoyed our take on how you can translate the festival vibes for your wedding into everyday living and bring some boho brights into your back garden.

We’ll be bringing you more home and interiors inspo really soon, all oozing with our signature vibrant style.

 Bright Boho Garden Gallery

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