A Catch Up With The White Van Wedding Company

by Michelle

Really exciting news from long time friends of the blog The White Van Wedding Company. They now have two stunning VW vans available for your wedding. You’ll remember from their previous post how awesome their original split screen camper looks.

The White Van Wedding Company

His name’s Georgie and here he is fully decked out with gorgeous faux flowers and ribbon, which can of course be customised to match your wedding style and colours.

The White Van Wedding Company

So now Georgie has been joined by Jimi, a similarly cute as anything VW Van with a beautiful bay window. Jimi’s made it all the way from California and has a stunning refitted retro inspired interior and can be decorated to match “big brother” Georgie.

Wow, can you just imagine how cute these two beauties would look side by side at your wedding? Not only would they provide the most brilliant and unique wedding transport for you and your wedding party, there also fabulously photogenic and would look just amazing in your wedding photos.

And there’s more, these clever vans can both convert into photo booths, giving you and all your guests loads of fun later in the day. Time now to hand you over to Kelly,  the owner of The White Van Wedding Company for an update on her growing business.

Remind our readers what you do

We offer a chauffeured wedding transport service in Kent, London, Essex, Surrey and Sussex, as well as a camper photo booth option.

The White Van Wedding Company

The vans can be decorated with a range of different coloured ribbon and artificial flower garlands, we even have a Christmas one. As it’s illegal we are unable to provide champagne but instead there’s a selection of pick n mix sweet jars to munch on during the journey.

The White Van Wedding Company

Tell us all the details about your new van

Last year I decided to expand the fleet with a convertible Beetle, I’d always fancied one, as they’re great for getting a tan. However, me being me, those long planned… plans… went right out the window, as I spotted a beautiful white bay window camper van on Facebook, being sold by an old friend I’d last seen 15 years ago.

The very next day I traipsed up to Birmingham all the way from Kent and bought it there and then, total impulse buy. It’s a “he” like my other one, and called Jimi!

It was built in 1970, and was imported from California, so is totally rust free. It’s had a new red and white leather interior fitted, and can be decorated exactly as the split screen, with flowers both inside and out. I also had a brand new engine put in, so should be able to pootle along with no problems for the next few years.

Can either van convert from being wedding transport to a fully functioning photobooth at the same wedding?

Both vans can convert from transport into photo booths at the same wedding. All the booth equipment and props are brought along by an assistant in a separate car later in the day when needed.

I went mad when it came to prop buying, we have TONS. We have super fast professional quality dye sublimation printers and DSLR cameras so the resulting prints are great.

The prints can also be personalised with any wording or logos. After the event I post out a teeny tiny camper van shaped USB drive with all the photos on, in addition to the guest book from the night and an online gallery for all the guests to look at.

Looking back, what are your favourite moments since we last spoke? And looking forward, how’s this year shaping up for you?

An extremely sad but rewarding moment was when I volunteered to be wedding transport at The Dreys for Wedding Wishing Well who are an amazing charity organising weddings for terminally ill people. The groom tragically died just the day after, heartbreaking. But something I’ll definitely do again. I urge all wedding suppliers to sign up to be put on the books for this charity Wedding Wishing Well

Also, a camper photo booth we did at Wise Wedding Venue in Kent. The theme was “Mermaids in the Woods”. When we arrived all the guests were in full on fancy dress and the reception was like a mini festival. SO much fun! At the end of the night they had a silent disco, probably the best wedding reception I’ve ever been to.

Looking forward, so far this is looking like it’ll be our busiest year so far! Despite now having a second van I’m still turning away bookings. But no more vans on the horizon for me… maybe a convertible Beetle when I can afford it…

All images courtesy of The White Van Wedding Company

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