Your Wedding Catering Questions Answered By Lemon Zest

by Michelle

Lemon Zest is an award winning, family run, luxury catering company offering such a delicious range of catering options for your special day.

Our previous post featuring Lemon Zest was super popular and we’re so pleased to have them back on the blog to offer invaluable advice on planning your wedding catering throughout your day from welcome canapes right through to late night munchies.

They also share their thoughts on informal dining which is increasingly popular. We love this style of catering as it encourages your guests to be super social and to really engage with the delicious food on offer. Over to Emily now for more details.

Remind us what you do

Lemon Zest is a family run catering company founded in 2002, creating delicious and bespoke menus for weddings. We understand the importance of attention to detail, timely delivery and of working closely with our couples, and the other suppliers they have chosen, to create the most perfect event.

Just like our clientele no two events are ever the same. We thrive on that fact and love creating new dishes for people that compliment their image and personality

In your previous post on the blog you said that: “Nothing leaves a more lasting impression than good food.” How does this apply specifically to wedding catering?

We use only the freshest ingredients to produce the very best dishes, sourcing our ingredients from local suppliers whenever possible, and keeping it seasonal and British wherever we can. We love to create menus that get your guests talking for all the right reasons – for days/weeks/months following the wedding date.

We especially love it when our couples leave a lovely review for us on our social media pages or send us a thank you card! It really shows that the food really has left a lasting impression!

In terms of their wedding catering, most couples have never planned anything foodie on such a large scale before. Where should they start?

We always tell our couples to choose the menu they love – think about what you love to eat – whether that’s home comforts or something special you’d only order in a restaurant.

Don’t worry too much about guests’ individual tastes or requirements, it’s all about you! (and we can always come up with alternatives for those guests with allergies or dietary requirements)

Weddings are lovely, fun filled days, but they can also be long days. On a practical level, to keep guests going through the day and evening how would you schedule a full day’s catering?

With our 3 course menus we always provide 3 canapes complimentary during your drink’s reception. We suggest around 1.5 hours for your drink’s reception after the ceremony, during which time we would serve canapes – we often find guests saying they’re hungry as they haven’t eaten all morning, so canapes are a great way to keep them going until the main event!

The wedding breakfast usually lasts around 1.5 – 2 hours depending on your number of guests and how long your speeches last, after which we would suggest providing a buffet tea and coffee station with biscuits or truffles to finish off the meal nicely. This also means guests can get up out of their seats and stretch their legs.

For the evening, we do recommend having something to soak up that alcohol and keep your guests energised on the dancefloor. We would suggest a 2-hour break between the wedding breakfast and evening food, which also ensures your evening guests have something too! Our popular items are those which we hand out to guests on trays – hot baps,  toasties or fish and chips – so it doesn’t drag your guests outside and away from the party!

More and more couples are opting for informal dining arrangements. Do you offer this style of catering and why do you think it’s becoming so popular?

We certainly do, and we have found it becoming very popular recently. We love our dessert buffet stations, which guests also love as it gives them an opportunity to get out of their seats and choose what they’d like to finish off their meal. The kid’s love it too and it makes a great feature!

We also offer ‘carve at the table’ roast dinners, which gets your guests involved in the serving of the meal. We provide the meat, knives, sides and you nominate one person on each table to carve and serve the rest of the table.

These types of dining arrangements have been very popular recently as a lot of couples don’t want to stick with traditions and want to make their guests feel relaxed and involved. It also gets the guests talking to each other and leaves them talking about it for weeks to come

And finally, what are your stand-out moments from weddings you’ve catered for?

We always love to see something a bit different at weddings. We recently catered for a wedding where the couple arranged ‘fun fair’ style entertainment after the wedding breakfast. They hired a coconut shy, hook a duck, and even a crazy golf course! They had personalised the games with photos of them and named each hole on the crazy golf course after places they had visited. It was great fun for all guests young and old!

All images courtesy of Lemon Zest

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