Luscious Wedding Dessert Tables By Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium

by Michelle

As soon as we saw these delicious wedding dessert tables by Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium, we knew we just had to share them with you. Wedding dessert tables are such a wonderful addition to your wedding reception. Not only will the display seriously impress your guests, they’re a super attractive way of offering a number of different sweet offerings in addition to your wedding cake.

Wedding dessert tables are also extremely photogenic and can be created to tie in beautifully with your wedding theme and colours.

As you’ll see from these stunning cakes from Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium, your desserts will look best if you display them at varying heights to add interest. Another tip is to keep everything close together and not spread out over the table. This creates the impression of a real sweet feast with a fun decadent touch. Remember to give your cake pride of place as a focal point, then build your accompanying desserts around it.

Take a look at some of the incredible wedding dessert tables created by Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium now for some creative inspiration for you big day.

Source for all images: Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium

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