Wonderfully Detailed Cakes From Kasserina Cakes

by Michelle

Kasserina Cakes create the most showstopping wedding and event cakes and as soon as we saw them we were so impressed with the attention to detail and individuality of each cake. And of course we couldn’t wait to share them with you.

We love Kasserina Cake’s delicate and deftly designed sugar flowers and a number of their cakes we’ve seen have a sculptural element that’s incredibly impressive and guaranteed to wow your guests on your big day.

Of course it’s not just how a cake looks that matters, the taste and flavour combinations are also paramount. Kasserina Cakes are made using natural sources of flavour whenever possible and just scanning through their cake flavours is a delicious treat in itself. Rhubarb and ginger anyone? Or how about orange spice? There’s a super selection of frosting flavours too.

So if you’re searching for a cake that’s as gorgeous on the inside as it looks on the outside, take a look at more of our favourite Kasserina designs below.


Fie more great cakes and full info pop over to Kasserina Cake’s site and start planning the details of your own scrumptious cake.

Source for all images: Kasserina Cakes

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