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by Michelle

Oystercatcher  Catering specialise in producing the most delicious and appealing food for your wedding or event using local, seasonal food wherever possible.

We love the contemporary vibe of Oystercatcher Catering’s food. It’s presentation is a delight and by using the finest of ingredients thoughtfully combined, we’re sure your guests will be talking about the amazing food served at your wedding long after the day has passed.

We had the pleasure of featuring Oystercatcher Catering a little while ago and it’s now great to welcome them back to check out a few questions that we’re often asked about catering for your big day and indeed before, but more on that in a moment.

The trend for couples choosing venues that allow outside catering continues to rise, which we think is fab as it encourages you to focus on the style of catering you actually want rather than what you feel obliged to have. But where do you begin when planning this?

There’s also been quite a shift away from a formal sit down wedding breakfast to more informal, sociable ways of feasting which we know you love as much as we do, but again, where to begin?

Another trend is for hens and stags to organise a staycation type do, often renting out a holiday cottage for the weekend. But who wants to do their own cooking on such a chilled fun weekend? Over to Fiona now of Oystercatcher Catering for all the answers.

It was our pleasure to feature you on the blog recently, for new readers can you remind us  what you do

We are a husband and wife team, Jackson is the head chef and master of all things food and I (Fiona) am in charge of front of house, bread baking and the day to day running of things. Our aim is to serve elegant, bespoke and delicious meals, using locally sourced produce.

Jackson has spent his career working in outside catering starting in London some of the top high-end catering companies in the country.

We aim for big impact on flavour and presentation, but low impact on the environment.

Many couples are looking for an alternative to a set menu style wedding breakfast and instead they’re looking for wedding catering that reflects their style and personalities, and of course their favourite foods! But it can be a little daunting knowing where to begin with this. What’s your advice?

When choosing a caterer, go with your gut. If you get a good vibe from your point of contact, then explore using their services. If they don’t get back to you quickly or seem standoffish, then it doesn’t bode well for their standard of customer services once the busy wedding season kicks off!

We also feel it’s really important to look for someone who has a personal approach to your big day and will listen to your vision and work with you to develop your menu and meal style, rather than offering you set menus to choose from, which have been sent out to every other enquirer that year.

Can you give us a quick round up of current trends in wedding and event catering? And do you have a favourite?

The major trend we’ve noticed is that people are moving away from the traditional wedding format and want something that provides a talking point and is different to what their other guests have experienced at a wedding before.

Sharing and tapas style meals are becoming much more popular.

We’re also catering a wedding this year which has no sit down meal, but instead has food stations ….

and canapés, so that guests can mill around the venue and choose what they’d like to eat, which we think is quite a fun idea!

We know that hiring a country cottage or similar is a popular option for couples arranging hen or stage or even combines ‘dos for a weekend. A celebratory meal is usually the focus of the weekend, but what if the party don’t want to cook – are you able to provide catering for these type of events?

Absolutely. We cater for a lot of hen and stag do groups that want something a bit different and maybe a bit more classy than your traditional hen/stag parties.

It’s a great way of enjoying the holiday home that they’ve rented without having to venture out, organise transport, worry about designated drivers, or travel back home at the end of the evening.

We can do anything from 3 course to 8 course meals, barbecue buffets or picnic buffets. It’s really up to the client and what they want.

Along similar lines, often the bridal party will hire luxury self catering  accommodation close to their wedding venue, so that everyone can meet up and kick off pre-wedding celebrations, again with a dinner being the focus. Would you be able to offer slightly more formal catering for this? 

As our services are bespoke, we can really do whatever you want! It’s a lovely idea to have everyone get together for a meal before the big day so that they can get to know each other and get excited about the festivities that lie ahead.

Do you have any stand out moments from weddings or catered for events that you can share with us?

The most fun we’ve had during a meal service was for a party of excitable hens that did a pre-dinner dance and chant around the dinner table, then sang and chanted to us before and after each course about how much they loved the food.

Then, when it was time for us to leave, they formed a tunnel with their arms for us to leave through, chanting “Oy-ster-catchers! Oy-ster-catchers!”. Their enthusiasm was infectious and hard to to beat!

And finally, what’s the best way for couples to contact you and how far in advance should they be thinking about booking their wedding catering?

Couples can either call us on 07960414970 for a friendly chat about what they’re looking for, or drop us an e-mail at info@oystercatchercatering.uk with their requirements and we can go through their options with them and take the first step towards creating their unique, bespoke menu to help them celebrate their special day.

As we like to give each wedding our full attention, we take on only one wedding per weekend, focusing the 3 days beforehand on making sure everything is just right.

This means that we do fill up quite quickly.

If you give us a year’s notice then it’s rare that we can’t fit you in, but we do sometimes have gaps open up, so no matter the amount of time before your wedding, drop us a line and we’ll cross our fingers that we’re free for you!

All images courtesy of Oystercatcher Catering

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