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by Michelle
Frances & Rose

Offering truly bespoke wedding flowers and event dressing with a signature romantic and ethereal style, Frances and Rose designs capture the very essence of that ‘just picked from the garden’ beauty and freshness that’s so popular amongst brides everywhere at the moment.

Frances and Rose bring a unique touch to contemporary floristry with a fondness for the wild and whimsical. They listen carefully to your ideas, then design and arrange truly bespoke blooms for you and your wedding. With the colour palettes, textures and fragrances reflecting the key elements of your big day.

Telling the story of your wedding through your choice of flowers sounds like a big ask, but if the gorgeous photos below and on their site are anything to go by, then, it’s a massive thumbs up from us. We’ll hand you over to owner Marianne to illustrate in lovely detail how she runs her business and what motivates her.

Tell us a litle about yourself and your business

I am Marianne and I have been running Frances and Rose for 5 years now. We specialise in British Seasonal flowers, providing bespoke designs for weddings and event dressing as well as running workshops and deliveries for our local area.

I am a 27 year old design graduate who has a passion for styling and story telling, which I reflect in my florals and totally bespoke wedding service. I believe every love story is unique and special and I want to tell that story through natures own romance: flowers.

What motivated you to start your business?

I have always loved flowers and my mother has always been a keen gardener, we would pick sweet peas in the summer to put in jars and I would collect mint to put with peas and potatoes in the kitchen. Growing up in the countryside, plants, greenery and flowers were all around. It wasn’t until I graduated and found myself on the inevitable job hunt that I found floristry.

I am mostly self taught having been on a few technical workshops and then working out how I liked to arrange flowers and finding out how it worked along the way. Making the move towards British Seasonal Flowers was a natural (pun intended) progression with my mother along side me, she was the plant expert and encouraged me to try new and different blooms and I was the flower artist, pestering her to teach me all the names of the stems I was using, we make a great team.

British flowers have a lot of momentum at the moment, I think people want to know where there products come from, are more conscious of the eco credentials of their suppliers and on a styling level, people want a more natural, wild flower and ‘slow floral’ look.

Tell us a little more about the day to day activities of your business

No two days are the same within the business really, that’s the joy of seasonal work. A lot goes on at our plot: planting, weeding, watering and cutting. We also make time to meet other growers and are part of a very encouraging community including Flowers From the Farm and the RHS.

There are meetings with clients, which usually take place at the studio, where we drink cups of tea and I hear love stories and colour schemes, and get very excited! I also undertake all admin and social media and have great links with other suppliers in the local area, arranging photoshoots and workshops as well as networking meetings.

A lot of our time is spent cutting flowers for our events, something which is fantastic in good weather, a little less so when it rains!

If our readers were to order from you, what can they expect?

I treat every couple and their day completely differently, you are unique and the flowers you have should reflect that. There is no catalogue of bouquets where you point out which one you like, every single piece is different and designed by me to reflect everything you have told me and shared with me.

I have picked peoples wedding cakes because they wanted it to match the floral vision. A girl once wouldn’t sign off on her wedding stationery until I had given I the ok! I have even helped a bride into her dress on the morning of the wedding.

I make a strong bond with all my couples and I like to think it just reflects how I work, I pride myself on bringing a personal and unique aspect to my business. One of the best compliments I receive on a regular basis is ‘I didn’t really know what I wanted but you took all my ideas and created the perfect flowers’, maybe I’m a floral mind reader?

How can couples judge if a company is the right fit for their wedding?

I like to think I can work with anybody’s vision but it is so important to have the right fit with your suppliers. I would highly recommend a meeting to see if we are on the same wave length.

I am quite a casual and colloquial lady, relaxed is my middle name, I like a cup of tea and a root through books and photos, but above all, I like to hear about who you are as a couple. I think a passion for the eco friendly helps as I will most likely talk a lot about seasonality, however, as someone who has learnt all this floral information in the last 5 years I am not going to try and bamboozle anyone with latin flower names!

I try to explain fully and (as often as possible) with visual aids, what I am describing. If you want an informal but highly creative approach to your wedding flowers, a focus on bespoke, floral artistry, with a cup of tea and smile thrown in, I think we can work wonders!

What are your favourite moments from previous weddings you’ve been involved with?

I think my very favourite part of pretty much all the weddings I’ve done is seeing the bride just before she gets married.

I get to see brides before everyone else and its definitely a perk of the job! It’s that moment when emotions are running high, some of the best reactions to my flowers happen then, I’ve even had a few tears over the flowers which feels pretty amazing.

The bigger picture – does your business offer goods/services outside of the wedding world? Tell us more

We have been concentrating on growing our business to offer new and exciting things over the last year or so, including local deliveries, floral subscriptions and workshops.

We’re really excited about the workshops we are offering in particular, focusing on fun and seasonality, we make sure each workshop is tailored to each group, we do Hen parties, birthdays and everything else in between!

I also offer one to one tutoring for those who are wishing to learn more about how to create my free and natural floristry style within their own work or hobby.

We are about to attend our first ever Artisan Market as well, which is VERY exciting, which will hopefully lead to more markets and opportunities.

What have you got planned for the next 12 months?

2017 is rushing by and we have been so busy working on the new plot, which is starting to give us beautiful produce to use for our weddings and events. This is a laborious task but hopefully it we will reap the rewards next year and in years to come.As well as working with our wonderful couples on their beautiful weddings, we have been lucky enough to collaborate on a number of wedding photo shoots. We have been part of the RHS Chatsworth Flower Show and we have a very exciting pop up shop in the beautiful city of Sheffield over the whole month of December! There is so much going on and so much to look forward to.

And finally, what or who inspires you and why?

As a florist and flower grower, I think I am most inspired by the seasons and by nature. I am such a romantic at heart, I love reading poetry and literature about beauty in nature and I find this inspires something in me that I only really ever feel when I am in the garden.

I love it when I notice a change in the season, the smell of the breeze, seeing a new flower coming out or the change of the colour of the sky, these little pointers trailing us throughout the years, marking it out in textures and tones.  The ideas of peace, quiet and contemplation, love and romance.

The relationship between the plants, the sun and the sky, the insects, the birds and the tiny seeds you plant that turn into blooms that then play their part in someone else’s love story.  So inspiring and truly beautiful.

‘If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I’d walk in my garden for ever’ Tennyson

All images courtesy of Frances and Rose

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