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Blonde Army are wedding and event planners with a passion for creating stylish, unique celebrations. They offer services in planning, styling and co-ordinating weddings, events and more.

Lianne who runs Blonde Army describes her business as a consultancy and mentoring service as she aims to advise and nurture your ideas to give you the confidence, inspiration and the practical tools to plan and shape your day, your way. After all, it’s your wedding, so Blonde Army will ensure that your own it. The rule book is out of the window on this one, as you will be encouraged and supported to have the wedding you want rather than one you feel you should have.

In their own words, Blonde Army describe themselves as “story-tellers, rule-breakers, style-seekers, trend-setters, memory makers, party-starters, dreamers and doers.” Wow, what a list! And with all of this on offer, we’ll hand you over to Lianne to tell you more about what Blonde Army can bring to your party.

Tell us a little about yourself and your business

I’m Lianne founder of Blonde Army, a modern wedding consultancy. I describe myself as a consultancy because I offer more than a typical wedding planner. I provide the regular services you would expect but I also offer a mentoring scheme.

This is a new type of service that will be launching at the beginning of Summer. But basically I’m like a super keen, really clued up extra bridesmaid that you have regular calls with to ensure you’re on track with your wedding journey. There are a few other perks too but I’m happy to chat more once the service has launched.

The main reason I founded Blonde Army is to encourage couples to make their day about them and their story. To push creative boundaries, to celebrate each couples unique journey, to be imaginative and a leader in wedding design. I certainly encourage personality and quirks and that the whole day is full of fun and celebrations rather than a tick list of what you think a wedding should be.

There is no rule book here. Basically, I want couples to enjoy their wedding planning journey and help them make it a part of their lifestyle rather than an added stress and financial pressure.

what motivated you to start the business?

Well, I originally trained as an actress and to support my on/off acting career I ended up working in the events industry. However, after 8 years I was becoming bored of repeating the same events and how uncreative and de-personalised it all was.

Then some of my friends started to get married and I began helping them out. Realising how closely both my performance skill set and my events background worked so well together I naturally found I was pretty good at it – and bloody enjoyed it too!

I love helping people and utilising my creative ability so a career in the wedding industry was a natural progression for me.

However I was still hearing friends worry more about other people’s opinions and if their guests would have a good time rather than them and their partner made me think there’s some changes to be made here. This was the basis for me starting Blonde Army.

I also wanted to offer something to the everyday brides. A service that was affordable to the kind of men and women I’m surrounded by daily and I hear them worrying about their choices or budget management etc. They can’t afford 10% of their budget to employ a wedding planner and many don’t want to as they want to go it alone. So I developed my mentoring scheme to offer something to those couples who need the guidance and professional advice but don’t want to commit to a wedding planner.

Tell us a little more about the day to day activities of your business

Well, every day is different which is what I love most. I love variety and that my work constantly changes and therefore challenges me. When I’m in my ‘Blonde’ Office I always start with a good breakfast , a bottle of water near by and some good tunes on (usually magic fm). I’ll then check social media and emails.

Communication is key in my business so I like to reply to emails within 48 hours and also post inspiring content to insta and FB. I try to write my blog in the morning as I find ideas come more organically to me then and that’s important to me as a writer and influencer. I like my work to be free and honest. I then try to fit in a short walk/run to get some fresh air and escape my laptop.

It also helps to refresh my brain and reignite my creative juices. The afternoon is either meetings or site visits or back in the office researching, reading, networking and planning. I also make the effort to get out and see art, fashion and nature so I’m constantly refreshing my inspiration and keeping up to dates with trends. Evenings is eating out, catching up with friends, enjoying a glass of wine or two and snuggling up with a good book.

If our readers were to order from you, what can they expect?

Professionalism and personality. Creativity and organisation (I’m Queen of organisation). You have to be able to get on very well with your wedding planner as they really need to understand you and your vision to be able to execute it. I’m very warm and open and up for anything  – most of my clients are now really good friends because we got on so well.

I’m also fiercely loyal and always have my clients best interests at heart. I know my craft, I am experienced and my passion is people and making them happy.  I’m also flexible and like to bring new ideas to the table, I don’t just stick to what I know. I can guarantee your wedding planning journey with me will be a whole loada fun and that’s what it should be.

How can couples judge if a company is the right fit for their wedding?

If you can see yourself having a drink with them in the pub then I think you’re onto a winner! Your suppliers have to suit your style and personality. That’s why I’m so keen to show my clients who I am , what I’m about etc I want them to be sure they will get along with me as they have to put a lot of trust in me.

And it’s the same with other suppliers. That’s why I’ve launched my YouTube Channel so you can get to know me before you commit to Blonde Army.

I think gut instinct plays a lot too. If you don’t feel it – don’t force it! Also if someone isn’t communicating well then step away now – they are not a good fit for anyone’s wedding!

What are your favourite moments from previous weddings you’ve been involved with?

One of my brides last year organised a treasure hunt for each table before the dinner service. It was a surprise to all the guests and they were all cheering and running around trying to complete it.

The winning team got to dress the losing team in fancy dress and it just was a great conversation and party starter and the vibe never dropped for the rest of the evening!

The bigger picture – does your business offer goods/services outside of the wedding world? Tell us more

Sure ! I can help with anything that requires planning and styling. From baby showers, engagements to anniversaries to hen parties. I also can help with product and fashion styling or I can and have jumped on the other side of the camera and modelled. All in a day’s work!

What have you got planned for the next 12 months?

To grow my community of bridal consultancy. I want to be helping lots! My job is such an honour that I get to play a small part in bringing together a day so special to a couple that will be looked back on fondly for generations to come. I also have a few workshops and collaborations lined up which I’m super excited about.

Also developing my YouTube channel which I’m keen to push as I feel it provides better engagement between me, suppliers and any prospective clients. I have a few series lines up so stay tuned for those…..a very busy upcoming year! I am also looking for a venue to manage or turn around and adapt so if you know any venues that may need some help – please let me know!

And finally, what or who inspires you and why?

People and Places. Particularly some women in business who are just breaking the mould and being badass. I love the thrill of pushing myself out of my comfort zone which is how I grow as a person and business owner.  Hearing couple’s stories is a literal inspiration for my job.

What some couples have seen, done, achieved and experienced can be amazing and I’m so honoured I get to share in that. Places too, as I’m a keen traveller and I love experiencing other cultures and lifestyles which then informs my design and styling ideas. Reading a variety of material is a regular inspiration as I am constantly learning and I love that!

All images courtesy of Blonde Army

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