Neon Classic Inspired Photo Shoot at One Belgravia

by Michelle

We’re thrilled to share this colour pop neon classical photo shoot with you, brought to us by wedding planners Revelry Events.

As many of you will know, One Belgravia is an elegant classical venue and the aim of this shoot was to mix things up by adding pops of  modern neon colour.

The juxtaposition of super brights against a luxury neutral backdrop is absolutely not what you would expect, yet it works so well.

What we really love about this shoot is the inspiration and confidence it will give couples to play with colour and experiment. Bend those wedding rules. Your wedding is your day, own it, enjoy it and make it yours.

Over to Holly and Susannah at Revelry Events to tell us more about the shoot.

Did the shoot have a title?

Neon-Classical at One Belgravia

What was the inspiration for the shoot?

Our inspiration for this shoot was to mix modern with classical, a mad pop of neon in a traditional space. We found the artwork of Chad Wys particularly inspiring – the way he used classical portraits and images of sculptures and reimagines them with a 21st century twist.

We wanted to show modern couples that they don’t need to be afraid of formal venues as their backdrop even if they don’t consider themselves or their wedding style to be particularly formal – embrace the contrast and get creative with colour to create a truly dynamic vision.

Where and when did the shoot take place? Can you tell us anything further about the location?

We shot last year at One Belgravia – a beautiful, luxury venue where you might expect a wedding design to be more luxe, neutral and simple – leaning into its majestic aesthetic.

But we wanted somewhere we could essentially chuck a bucket of bright coloured paint around (not literally) and it would make a big impact.

Describe the style of the shoot. Was there a specific theme?

It was our modern vision of classical art and architecture.

A mixture of modern lucite and classical plinths, brightly painted statues and busts, almost neon coloured brights and bold patterns paired with fine art and elegant tableware. Think ‘Sistine Chapel meets a bucket of paint’.

What was the main focus of the shoot? What were you promoting?

We love to create shoots for ourselves, to flex our creative muscles. This was no different. We wanted to design a photoshoot of a design no one had seen before.

That’s always our motivation as wedding planners and designers, bend the rules and show couples how to do it.

What were the highlights from the shoot?

The suppliers we had on board were absolutely brilliant – capturing the vision we had with ease.

Arianna from Wildflower Cakes took the brief of classic and contemporary and ran with it – displaying her grey marbled tiers with neon pink florals on a perspex plinth.

BerinMade were inspirational with their designs for our brief – using bright colours and the popular ‘drip effect’ we’re seeing so much in celebration cakes right now.

Oh Wonder Calligraphy’s dip dyed neon pink place cards were perfect, against the other brights on the table and the soft grey and blue base.

Mary Jane Vaughan smashed it when it came to the flowers – coming up with the genius idea of filling the vases with food dye in water, to enhance the colour palette of the table.

We decided that a little neon tape upgrade was needed for the fireplace – to turn a classical setting into something a little more playful – which makes for one of my favourite parts of the room.

Our grooms looked dapper as hell in Alexandra Wood Bespoke bright blue tails, zhuzhed up to the max by Mariam Jensen.

The Gallery

Revelry Events wedding planningRevelry EventsRevelry Events wedding planningRevelry Events wedding planningRevelry Events wedding planning


The Supporting Cast

Planning and Design: Revelry Events

Photography: Xander & Thea

Floral Design: Mary Jane Vaughan

Cinematography: Bai & Elle

Cake: Wildflower Cakes

Stationery: Berin Made

Calligraphy: Oh Wonder Calligraphy

Hair and Makeup: Mariam Jensen

Suits: Alexandra Wood Bespoke Tailoring

Venue: One Belgravia

Furniture: Great Hire

Tableware: Options Hire


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