MaudiKa Bridal – Beautiful Boho Inspired Wedding Dresses

by Michelle

You know how much we adore a wedding dress which combines a boho vibe with a modern twist, and it’s such a pleasure to feature MaudiKa Bridal’s romantic free spirited dresses that capture this feel perfectly.

MaudiKa’s dresses are all handmade, many featuring layers of vintage lace and premium fabrics. We love the movement in a MaudiKa gown, and our favourites feature free flowing skirts, which are just perfect for the free spirited bride.

Image Source: Sarah Darby Photography

Your MaudiKa gown should also look amazing in your wedding photos too, with embroidery and beading adding that sumptuous depth and texture and sparkle to a fabric that the camera captures so well.

MaudiKa is owned by partners Maud and Katerina, and we’ll pass you over to Maud now to tell you more about how their creative partnership evolved, and of course, more about their divine dresses.

Tell Us a little about yourself and your business

I’m Maud and with my business partner and best friend, Katerina, we are in our early 30’s. MaudiKa is a contraction of our forenames –  Maud (me),  “i” means “&” in Bulgarian, and Katerina. I’m from Paris and Katerina from Pazardjik, in Bulgaria. We met at fashion school in Paris in 2006.

We design and create boho and vintage inspired wedding gowns, using selected fabrics and mixing retro inspiration with everyday trends. All our dresses are unique designs and handmade only by both of us. I design, choose the fabrics and Katerina brings the dresses to life with her amazing gift!

What motivated you to start your business?

We studied fashion design and pattern making for 3 years in Paris. When we graduated, we didn’t really know what to do. But one thing for sure is that we were never particularly keen to design for others and be restricted by their conditions.

We always loved creating exceptional dresses rich with quirky details and decided to create our own brand after a successful mini-collection launched in a cute little shop in Paris in 2011.

Maudika Photography

We then sold our dresses online and due to the increased demand, we opened our own showroom in central Oxford in May 2017.

Tell us a little more about the day to day activities of your business

I’m the main director and run the business in Oxford, while Katerina stays in Bulgaria and makes the dresses to order. She comes over several times a year so we can work on our new collections together.

I work part-time for Oxford Uni and work for MaudiKa the rest of the time.

Maudika Bridal - Claire West photography

I usually start the day by watering our lovely plants in the showroom, get a cup of mocha and start to update the different social medias. Then I follow up on emails and customers requests and if I have a bit of free time, start to create new veils! I also like to draw new designs when the inspiration arises.

If our readers were to order from you, what can they expect?

I really do hope that some readers will order from us, as they will receive the best customer service in terms of bespoke bridal outfit! Brides to be will have a private appointment in our showroom, where I will receive them in person and offer them a drink.

Maudiks Bridal - Claire West Photography

Image Source: Claire West Photography

I usually like to let them look through several designs so they can choose what they prefer. If they need guidance, of course I’ll help them according to their taste and I can give some advice if they’re really lost. I’m never pushy and the ladies are free to choose whatever they want.

Maudika Bridal - Claire West Photography

Image Source: Claire West Photography

All body types are welcome and if they don’t find their dream dress, it’s still possible to create a bespoke dress that I will design myself. We can also create a mix of dresses: for example, if they like the top of one dress and the bottom of another one, we can make a bespoke dress to get a perfect fit for the bride. Our main priority is to please them, so everything is possible!

Maudika Bridal - Claire West Photography

Image Source: Claire West Photography

For brides who cannot come to the showroom, they can also order from our online shop on Etsy.

How can couples judge if a company is the right fit for their wedding?

The main thing is to find a supplier that fits their spirit and their expectations. First of all, they need to feel at ease with the people involved with the company and the rest will follow! A relationship of trust is essential when you are dealing with the most important day of your life!

Image Source: Sarah Darby Photography

What are your favourite moments from previous weddings you’ve been involved with?

My favourite moment is when I see the smile on the bride’s face. They are usually so excited and love our designs! When I give them the finished dress, you can see how pleased and happy they are and that’s really why we are bridal designers.

Image Source: Sarah Darby Photography

Receiving pictures of real brides during their big day is also really rewarding for us, as we can see that they were radiant and everybody loved the dress!

The bigger picture, does your business offer goods/services outside of the wedding world? Tell us more

Not really, although we started accepting orders for bridesmaids dresses and decided to make a few veils for our new collection and already have quite a lot of interest for it!

Image Source: Sarah Darby Photography

What have you got planned for the next 12 months?

We will be attending the Magpie Wedding Fair in Leamington Spa on the 5th November and we are looking forward to meeting lots of brides who booked appointments for fittings for their wedding next year!

And finally, what or who inspires you and why?

My grandma had always been a huge inspiration to me. She taught me to sew, to bake, to tell stories and many more things creative and that’s probably why I truly embrace my artist personality nowadays.

But generally, I go to the Bodleian Library in Oxford for inspirations of vintage weddings and the library itself is a peaceful setting and inspires me to design. Our friends who got married and our customers’ ideas also inspire us to continue to create unusual wedding dresses.

Image Source: Sarah Darby Photography


All images courtesy of MaudiKa

Additional Credits: Model: Megan Goncalves. Florist: Bicycle Blooms. Make Up Artist: Maxine Wilson


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