A Quick Catch Up With Lucy at Stable Cottage cakes

by Michelle

Stable Cottage Cakes  specialise in making the most delicious and beautiful wedding cakes. Designed specifically around you and your wedding theme and colours with such an eye for detail, Lucy’s cakes really are something special.

Stable Cottage Cakes on Girl Gets Wed

Stable Cottage Cakes are totally unique in that all their cakes are baked with wonderfully fresh eggs from their own chickens.

Stable Cottage Cakes on Girl Gets Wed

Lucy at Stable Cottage is particularly proud of not only her great cakes, but also her eco credentials. As she notes on her website: “By choosing me as your wedding cake supplier, you are supporting a small ethical business that really does put animal welfare before profit.”

Stable Cottage Cakes on Girl Gets Wed

Every cake is meticulously hand made to specification and Lucy is determined that bespoke does not have to mean unaffordable.  She is happy to work to a budget, and her consideration of this is all part of the friendly and approachable way that she likes to run her business.

Check out Lucy’s thoughts now on what’s going to be big in 2019.

Can you guide us through the latest cake trends and what’s going to be big in 2019?

So many exciting new trends on the horizon for 2019. We are seeing a sharp (pardon the pun!) increase in the desire for cakes with deep tiers and striking sharp edges. But one of the main growing trends is the use of dramatic dark colours as a base to highlight finer detail.

Any colour, whether pastel or dark makes a great background for white detail such as lace and piping work.

So have a think about the main feature elements you want to show off on your cake and the best way to emphasise them.

Stable Cottage Cakes on Girl Gets Wed

On the opposite end of the scale are those wanting to go ultra traditional, which in this day and age is more striking than the norm, as cakes done purely in white are a statement centre piece that gives a nod to the tradition of the past.

Stable Cottage Cakes on Girl Gets Wed

Classic, clean, and a stunning feature for your wedding day.

Another growing trend is the more personal touches of hand painted detail such as your love story or a nod to the little things that make your relationship perfect to you. Edible paints are a great way to make your cake 100% unique, so chat to your cake designer about including these elements that will wow your guests.

All images courtesy of Stable Cottage Cakes

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