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by Michelle

Sarah Maidment Interiors is a professional interior design service dedicated to creating beautiful living spaces. And the great news is that they’re now extending their portfolio to offer wedding staging and styling services. This type of service is absolutely invaluable if your wedding venue is a blank canvas space. For example, who doesn’t love a barn, marquee or even an industrial chic wedding venue where the possibilities are endless. But where do you start decor wise?

Sarah Maidment Interiors offer a range of services from initial design advice and inspiration, giving you the confidence to implement your own venue decoration. Their mood board creation services will build on your ideas and give you a creative vision of how to proceed with styling your wedding.

Their full wedding service is ideal for taking the stress out of styling. Following an initial consultation, they will apply their creative vision to style and stage your big day, translating ideas into your perfect wedding day venue look. They will even deal with the setting up of your venue if required. Over to Sarah now to tell us more.

Tell us a little about your background as an interior designer

Creating beautiful spaces has been my passion since picking up the keys to my first home in the 1970’s, despite having no bathroom and only an outside loo! With a ‘hands on’ approach, I’ve experience in planning spaces and design from renovations to the smallest room.

To take a space and transform it into something special for each individual’s dream is so rewarding, regardless of budget, solutions can always be found.

What inspired you to add your wedding staging service to your portfolio?

The inspiration to add a Wedding Staging Service to my portfolio was initially sparked by my daughter’s wedding. Like many couples, they were seeking an alternative venue which they could personalise and be special to them.  They also wanted to include the talents of family and friends who could contribute and be a part of the wedding.

After a long search for a venue which matched their criteria – location, number capacity, licensed to hold a marriage, flexibility of venue space and the ‘right vibe’, they found a barn to which a marquee could be attached.

However, when presented with an empty barn and marquee they found it difficult to translate their ideas and wishes into the spaces. Where to begin? To me, it is the same process as designing and staging an interiors room for a client.

Tell us more about what you offer. Do you have any specific wedding styling packages, or is everything bespoke to each wedding?

I offer three basic service packages, which are specifically designed to each couple:

The Design and Advice Consultation – for those who don’t know where to start creating their venue décor, which will reflect who they are and what they would like. A consultation will provide sufficient guidance to proceed and implement your own venue decoration.

Mood Board Creation –  ideal for those who have ideas, but lack the time to put in the research. A mood board will include colour schemes, decorations and furnishings. All product details are included so you can build your own dream wedding.

Full Wedding Service –  this includes the initial Design Advice Consultation, mood board and scaled floor plan drawings with furniture layout. Details of products and a breakdown of costings in line with your budget will be provided. We can manage and implement the setup of your chosen venue if required.

Planning a wedding is fun, but it can also be stressful and daunting. In terms of wedding staging and décor, where would you advise couples to start?

If planning your own wedding staging and décor think about what is special to you both, your likes and dislikes. Decide on how much you want to spend.  Draw a scaled floor plan (if hiring tables and chairs for venue) and create a mood board, making decisions easier. You now have a plan. Implementing the plan yourselves will take time and commitment from all those involved.

Be realistic about what you, your family and friends can do yourselves. Tap into any special talents and delegate specific tasks to talents.

Allow plenty of time to decorate and set up the venue. The venue is often available the day before, so arrive early as this often takes longer than anticipated; remembering that you will have to dismantle it all by a certain time the next day. So allow for late hung over helpers and ‘no shows’.

Have everything labelled in boxes and provide a floor plan with a key where the décor is going. This allows helpers to know what they’re doing and saves time and stress.

What can couples expect if they hire you to stage and style their wedding?

My staging and styling services are designed to be as much help as you need, a little or a lot. Indeed, there are wedding planners or events companies who will take care of everything on your behalf, so decide on which services are the right choices for you.

We know it’s early days for you, but what do you most enjoy about wedding styling?

The enjoyment with staging and styling a wedding is starting with a blank canvas and transforming and creating a dream space, individually designed to the couple to make their day special and happy.

Any finally, will you come back and tell us more about how things are progressing for you as you take on more weddings?

Although this is a relatively new service, I have recently commenced on a new wedding project for a couple who are getting married next summer in woodland. I will be back to tell you more about it as it progresses, and indeed about other weddings I’m asked to do.

All images courtesy of Sarah Maidment Interiors

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