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by Michelle

Natural authenticity is the trademark of Pure Ground Flowers and we absolutely love it. If you’re looking for wedding flowers brimming with texture, foliage and the freshest of blooms all with a soft unstructured look, then look no further.

Image Source: Belle &; Beau Photography

So without further ado, we’ll hand you over to Elaine, owner of Pure Ground Flowers to share more details of her work and of course,  photos of her gorgeous wedding flowers.

Tell us a little about yourself and your business

Working with flowers was a complete career change for me. I spent years dutifully plodding along working in an office as a PA and after being diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2013 and then breast cancer in 2014 I was propelled to try to do something I love for a living.

Image Source: Belle &; Beau Photography

So I enrolled in a Jamie Aston floristry career course and his style and approach to flowering totally resonated with me and I’ve never looked back since.  My business is focussed on wedding and event flowers and my style is very organic and natural.

What motivated you to start your business?

The desire to be happy 100% I can sincerely say with my hand on my heart I work with flowers for the love of it -and definitely not the money.

Image Source: Belle & Beau Photography

I’m definitely not going to become rich working with flowers but I will certainly be happy, which is all that matters to me at the end of the day.

Tell us a little more about the day to day activities of your business

No two days are ever the same and I love meeting with lots of different brides to discuss their ideas and plans for their Big Day and working closely with them to turn these dreams into a reality.

Image Source: Amy Lou Photography

The preparation and the lead up to every wedding is always exciting and very intense so my days can be filled with lots of meetings prior to creating the flowers.

If our readers were to order from you, what can they expect?

I only ever take on one wedding per day (and weekend) so each Bride can expect to receive my undivided attention. I personally meet with every Bride, order all the flowers, prep them and create every design so I know it’s all done to my standard.

Image Source: Amy Lou Photography

I dedicate myself 100% to each wedding and I take the time to get to know each Bride too. I don’t take on lots of weddings as I’m a firm believer of providing a personal service to every Bride who books me, and to enable me to dedicate the time necessary I limit the number of weddings I commit to.

How can couples judge if a company is the right fit for their wedding?

Do your research and check out the company’s portfolio and experience in providing wedding flowers. Questions like, Have they worked at your venue before? How many weddings do they undertake in a weekend? Will there be a charge for each consultation? Do any wedding venues recommend their services? etc.

Image Source: Belle & Beau

Most importantly, do you feel as though you can trust the person’s creative ability to bring your vision to life?  Having faith in your florist’s abilities is vital.

What are your favourite moments from previous weddings you’ve been involved with?

The weddings that stand out the most are the ones where I’m give free rein to get creative and ‘do my own thing’. I’m profoundly aware it takes a lot for a Bride to have this amount of trust in my services.

Image Source: Amy Lou Photography

I’m incredibly lucky to find its happening more and more and these are the weddings that get the best results because I’m not limited to merely copying a centrepiece or design from a picture.

Image Source: Amy Lou Photography

The bigger picture – does your business offer goods/services outside of the wedding world? Tell us more

Yes. I do weekly contract flowers for local Country House Hotels and hairdressers and I also work with some large national companies on magazine photoshoots and styling projects.

Image Source: Belle & Beau Photography

What have you got planned for the next 12 months?

Well, I’m already fully booked with wedding work for next year so that’s going to occupy a large chunk of my time. I do plan on attending a few floristry courses next year as I love to keep developing my techniques and discovering new ways of creating arrangements.

Image Source: Amy Lou Photography

I don’t think I’ll ever stop learning so its important to me to spend at least 1 weekend a year on a leading floristry course learning how to create new and different designs to keep me fresh and up to speed with new trends and styles.

And finally, what or who inspires you and why?

It may sound a bit cliché, but inspiration is literally everywhere. When I’m watching TV, walking the dogs or flicking through a magazine my subconscious eye is always noticing and picking out the colours and shapes of flowers and plants and looking at new ways of how to make use of them.

At the moment I’m admiring the silk floral designs on the Great British Bake Off, and all the delicious cakes too of course!

Image Source: Belle & Beau Photography


All images courtesy of Pure Ground Flowers

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