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by Michelle

Aylin White Designs create beautiful, bespoke hand painted wedding dresses. Each wedding dress is personally designed to your individual requirements to truly reflect your personality and passions in life from fabulous florals to enchanting birds and butterflies and beyond.

The design team at Aylin White can personally design a sash or bow, or if you prefer, your agreed design can be painted directly onto your gown itself, just imagine how unique and gorgeous that would be.

We’ll hand you straight over to Sally now to tell you much more about her design ideas and her business.

Tell us a little about yourself and your business

Until recently, I worked with young children, helping to improve their education. I taught the Montessori Method and then the Early Years Curriculum in the UK and in International schools overseas. But that all changed after coming back to the UK from China and starting my wedding gown business, Aylin White Designs.

Aylin White Designs make unique made-to-measure hand-painted wedding gowns. Each gown is created for and personally chosen by the bride. Our signature gowns are elegant satin dresses with beautiful hand-painted sashes and bows. The bride chooses her own design which is applied to the sash and bow or if she prefers can be painted directly onto the gown itself. The design could include flowers, birds, animals or any other special objects making it very individual.

Aylin White Designs has just extended its hand-painted collection, to incorporate bridesmaid/flower girl and maid of honour bags. These bags could include the bride’s wedding colours and be designed to match her wedding gown.

What motivated you to start your business?

Having spent several years living and working in China, I came home to the UK looking for a new challenge. In China I had been surrounded by beautiful, individually created arts and crafts. In particular the use of painting by hand with its uniqueness, gorgeous colours and intricate designs caught my attention.

The Chinese love to paint on hats, coats, dresses, shoes etc. as well as on paper, and I couldn’t understand why no-one was painting by hand on fabric here.

I love things that are unique and handmade and these artistic inspirations have helped to start my hand-painted wedding gown business.

Tell us a little more about the day to day activities of your business

My business day can start at different times. The first thing I do is check my emails and social media and try to answer any questions and enquiries.

I have regular meetings with my seamstress and the artists that work for me which can take place at any time and on any day including evenings and weekends.

As for meetings with future brides, Aylin White Designs has a unique bridal service offering a one to one consultation at the brides own home, at a time convenient to them. We believe that choosing a wedding gown should be a pleasurable experience and we hope to take their stress away by creating their perfect gown, in the comfort of their own home.

If our readers were to order from you, what can they expect?

If your readers order from us they can expect a truly unique experience; from visiting each bride in the comfort of their home, to helping them decide on the style of dress best suited to them and offering advice as they create their own design.

Inspiration for the design can be taken from our large array of art samples and photos.

We want our brides to have a relaxed, stress-free and most of all an enjoyable experience. Their gown will be made to measure and the design hand-painted by our talented local artists.

How can couples judge if a company is the right fit for their wedding?

I think it’s all about communication both verbal and written. Ask a few questions and see what responses you get. If it takes a while to get an answered email or a returned phone call and your queries are not answered satisfactorily, then maybe the company is not for you.

At Aylin White Design we aim to respond to all enquiries by the next day and always schedule convenient appointments with you to discuss any queries or explore any ideas you have about your perfect dress in person.

The bigger picture – does your business offer goods/services outside of the wedding world? Tell us more

Aylin White Designs can definitely provide our services outside the wedding world. Our artists would be more than happy to paint on ball gowns, party dresses, capes or anything extra special and out of the ordinary.

What have you got planned for the next 12 months?

We are attending a number of wedding fairs and shows over the coming months and we are being featured in both wedding and fashion magazines.

I’m still in my early days with starting up Aylin White Designs, but I intend to make good use of all the opportunities that come my way to build up a successful business and brand.

And finally, what or who inspires you and why?

I have always loved nature and wildlife and since starting my business I am beginning to look at things differently. It’s amazing what beauty surrounds us every day and we are all too busy to stop and enjoy it.

I also have great respect for anything which is handmade. Such as paintings, needlework, sugar flowers for celebration cakes and handcrafted calligraphy. Artisans spend hours on their work and this makes my inspiration list endless.

All images courtesy of Aylin White Designs


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