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by Michelle

Cherry Tree Cakerie have a real passion for designing and creating beautiful cakes that will surprise and delight you and your guests.

Choosing your cake should be a deliciously enjoyable part of your wedding planning and Charlene at Cherry Tree Cakerie will guide you through the creative and the all important tasting process and produce a centrepiece that is unique to you and you wedding, and of course, it will taste divine.

From rustic ‘naked’ cakes embellished with gorgeous fruits and flowers to multi-tiered iced cakes decorated with handmade sugar flowers, Cherrie Tree Cakerie will create a stunning cake that’s such a super fit for your wedding.

Also available are elegantly iced cupcakes personalised wedding favours or even a beautiful sweet table to treat your guests. With so much on offer, including that all important show stopping cake, we’ll hand you over to Charlene now to talk all things cake.

Tell us a little about yourself and your business

Based in Buckinghamshire on the borders of Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire, Cherry Tree Cakerie creates beautiful and delicious tasting bespoke cakes and bakes.

Designs range from elegant traditional styles to the more contemporary and I do have a penchant for vintage and kitsch designs if I get the chance!

Although I have been making cakes in my spare time for several years, I decided to bite the bullet and take the business full time in October 2017.

What motivated you to start your business?

Well essentially, and most importantly, an undying love of cake!

I’ve always loved to be creative but instead of following my aspiration of being a graphic designer as a youngster (I was discouraged by teachers as apparently my maths let me down!), I fell into another love: languages. Predictably though, after my studies, I couldn’t get a relevant job without experience so I cut my teeth as a receptionist. Fast forward (quite a few) years and I was a corporate PA working the office life.

Feeling the need to do something other than diaries and taking minutes, I did an evening cake decorating course just for the hell of it and soon unleashed a passion. As my skills improved I started making cakes for friends and family in my spare time. I had some fantastic bosses over the years but I soon found myself in an uninspiring company feeling unchallenged and bored and I spent far too much time daydreaming about cake designs.

After a heavy dose of procrastination, I decided, with the support of my husband, to ditch the day job and take up the cake business full time. I had also lost my dad during this time and realised that life is too darn short to waste it being unhappy, so here I am!

Tell us a little more about the day to day activities of your business

The start of the week tends to be devoted to admin (I was never going to escape it), responding to enquiries and shopping for supplies.

The latter part of the week is then devoted to baking and decorating for the weekend’s orders. All through the week I’m keeping up to date with my social media accounts, which is a full-time job in itself (ask my poor husband!).

The weekends are then occupied with collections, deliveries and wedding cake consultations. I could never complain that it’s not varied.

If our readers were to order from you, what can they expect?

As I offer a bespoke product I believe the service should be completely personal too and I treat every cake with the time and care it deserves. The process of ordering a cake should be enjoyable and more often than not, clients aren’t entirely sure what they want from their cake so I am there to guide and offer professional advice.

I offer a no-obligation consultation for wedding cakes during which couples can discuss their ideas and taste some pre-selected cake flavours. I then provide a sketch of the cake, which can be tweaked until the client is entirely happy with the design.

How can couples judge if a company is the right fit for their wedding?

Honestly, I really think it comes down to gut feeling and if you gel well with that supplier upon your first interactions with them. Also, if your cake supplier is as excited as you are about the prospect of designing and making your cake then you’re on to a winner.

What are your favourite moments from previous weddings you’ve been involved with?

My favourite moment is when the bride and groom see their cake for the first time. Looking at a design on paper is no match for seeing a cake in its full glory.

On one occasion, I had just finished setting up the cake and the bride burst into the room searching for a place to stash her bouquet. Upon seeing me she yelled ‘THE CAAAKE!’ and rushed over to see it. She was quickly followed by the rest of her family jostling in to have a look with me standing red-faced nearby. Thankfully they loved it!

The bigger picture – does your business offer goods/services outside of the wedding world? Tell us more

Yes absolutely. I offer custom celebration cakes for birthdays, baby showers and any other occasion that deserves to be celebrated with cake.

I also offer wedding and party favours, including personalised biscuits, homemade marshmallows, meringues, macarons and cake jars.

What have you got planned for the next 12 months?

As this is the first year of my fledgling business, I am working on establishing myself within my area. I have designed a range of wedding cakes and will be attending wedding fairs at some beautiful venues throughout the year, the next one being the gorgeous Stowe House in Buckinghamshire.

I would also absolutely love to get involved in wedding inspiration photo shoots and collaborate with other wedding suppliers, so that will be another focus. Above all, I’m looking forward to making some beautiful cakes!

And finally, what or who inspires you and why?

There are some amazing cake designers out there and my Instagram feed is filled with aspirational designs on a daily basis. I think anyone who has started up their own business, persevered and grown it to be a success is an inspiration.

All images courtesy of Cherry Tree Cakerie 

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