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by Michelle

Curious Robin create really delightful wedding films. In commissioning a video of your wedding you’re creating a timeless treasure, the opportunity to tell the story of your day in a lively animated form, and to savour and  re-live not only the sights but the sounds and emotions of our big day well into the future.

We all love wedding photos, but wedding videos add and extra element, capturing you day as it unfolds and keeping those memories alive and animated, ready to be re-lived whenever you wish.

The aim  at Curious Robin is to blend in with your guests and shoot a natural observation film to capture both the formal and spontaneous moments of your wedding with an equally relaxed charm.

We featured Curious Robin on the blog last summer and it was such a popular post. It’s a pleasure to catch up with Rob now as he’s is also keen to share his latest  news including and a couple of charming new short wedding film extracts, at the bottom of the post, so you can see for yourself how a video of your own wedding may look.

Remind our readers what you do

We produce timeless, bespoke wedding films which capture whatever is unique about your wedding, distill it and bottle it for years to come.

What have you been up to since we last spoke?

We’ve been working on the commercial side of things a bit more, bringing a balance to our wedding work. Going forward, the Curious Robin brand is going to be solely wedding focussed, which is nice, because it allows for greater clarity and more of an unbridled exploration within that field. Other than that we’ve shot some fantastic weddings all over Scotland with just some of the best couples we could hope for.

What are your stand-out moments since our last chat

Hmm, I guess one truly unique moment was up at Drumtochty Castle, where we jumped in the back of a Landy and drove up into the hills to shoot the couple, while hundreds of deer ran literal circles around us. It all got a bit like ‘that scene’ from Jurassic Park.

What do you have planned for the next 12 months

Quite a lot, in Dec we’re moving into a studio in Leith. There will be a lot of work to do to get the new commercial brand Simmerdim up and running and then we’ll have an exciting season of weddings planned right up into December next year, including a destination wedding in Sardinia.

On a personal level, I’m taking time out in April to have a bash at the Marathon des Sables which should be interesting.

We are planning to launch an online wedding shop in 2018. Would you be interested in selling through us? If so, what products would you like to offer our readers/customers?

I’ll have a think. I probably isn’t applicable to me but you never know!

And now, it’s showtime, here are just two of Robs’s delightful short wedding films. Take a look at these and then Pop over to his website to see more.

All images and videos courtesy of Curious Robin

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