Raymond & Neil’s Intimate & Joyful Scottish Wedding

by Michelle

Neil and Raymond’s wedding was a day of intimate and joyful celebration for close family members. ‘Close and personal’ was the style of the wedding which was organised in just two months – well done guys!

With the beautiful city of Stirling in Scotland as the backdrop, Neil and Raymond’s wedding was an active one, moving from the beautiful Drummond Room at Stirling registry office, to the University grounds for photos, followed by a meal at the majestic Airth Castle and finally a reception at home where a well deserved unwind in the hot tub was enjoyed. Phew what an amazing day.

We’re delighted to hand you over to Raymond now to tell you more about his and Neil’s wedding and to share their fab photos.

What was the style of your wedding?

Close and personal – no pretence – just “us” and those closest to us that accept, respect and appreciate us for who we are

How did you make your day feel really personal to you as a couple?

Neil: stressful (Planned almost everything)

Raymond: no stress lol (supervised and criticised as per – most important job lol)

Given that we both decided to get married only eight weeks before the date and that I (Raymond) only wanted a small registry office two witness wedding, things were rushed and not a lot of time was available to organise things from both sides of the family. My (Raymond) family is extremely small (Mum, Sister and Niece) who all live nearby, whereas Neil’s family is vast and mostly live in Aberdeen.

We therefore decided that we would invite only our closest family members. For myself this was my mum, sister and niece. For Neil this was his dad and his grandma. Unfortunately, his dad had a holiday booked on the day of our wedding. Nonetheless, Neil’s dad still 100% supported and blessed our special day in his absence.

House of Henderson Kilts: discovered when we were browsing our local town centre (Stirling)… First class impressions were imprinted on us from our first meeting with Jordan Henderson – no sign of judgement re: our needs and specifications for our (same sex) marriage

JB Moments Photography: I (Raymond) suffer from body dysmorphia. I am therefore extremely fussy when it comes to pictures and how I look. People may not believe this given that I am a #snapchat #facebook #instagram #selfie #queen. I was therefore not keen on the idea of a photographer taking pictures of me that I could not see before editing / producing.

Nevertheless, Neil decided to have a look on FB for local / impressionable photographers. After stumbling across JB Moments Photography FB page, he decided to give her a call and arranged a face-to-face meeting at very short notice one week before the day of the wedding.

On the day of meeting Jenny for the first time, within the first few seconds (first impressions and all that) we both knew that Jenny was ideal to take charge of catching the day we both thought never would happen. Again, no signs of judgement were displayed re: our needs and specifications for our same sex marriage.

Ultimate Private Hire Cars: Both of us (more Neil) have used and continue to use Ultimate Shine Autos Ltd, which is also owned by the owner of Ultimate Private Hire Cars, for our cars detailing and supply needs. Trevor the owner and his staff are first class people and business owners that have tailored everything we ask of to our needs and again, they all displayed no judgement re: our needs and specifications for our same sex marriage.

Stirling Council Registry Office: Local registry office with the perfect room and now the perfect registrar to conduct the ceremony. We met our registrar (Alison McAlpine – Librarian) six days before the wedding in her library (Doune Library). She went through the ceremony in standard form and then gave us choices of how we would like our special day to run.

We then went home to discuss everything and emailed her the details and specifications of how we would like her to conduct the ceremony to our needs. Again, she displayed no judgement re: our needs and specifications for our same sex marriage. Even, when we told her that we would be playing “Tragedy” by Steps once we were married and leaving lol.

Neil arranged for a Snapchat filter “Neil & Raymond’s Wedding 30th June 2017”

How did you decide on your venue?

low key – local – close to home

Tell us about your wedding outfits

We both love Tartan, Harris Tweed and Scotland – our home décor reflects this to a T. We therefore looked for something that would extend the love from within our home to represent exactly who we are and what we like for our special day.

This is when we found House of Henderson Kilts in Stirling. After hours of measuring, choosing, changing, debating – we finally decided on our suits that were complimentary but different and did exactly what we hoped

What was your standout moment of your day?

Hmmm??? Apart from finally tying the knot after 16 years together: For Raymond (huge Steps fan): playing and dancing to Tragedy by Steps after we were married – this sums up Raymond’s humour to a T.

For Neil: finally getting to use the hot tub after weeks of stress and planning lol.

What are your top tips for other couples planning their wedding?

Keep it simple. Keep it true to who you are, both individually and as a union. It is your day – no one else’s! If people wish to judge or pass negative comments on “your day” then they are not worthy of being there.

Only invite people that know you as individuals and as a couple, love you as individuals and as a couple and accept you for who you are as individuals and as a couple. There was not one argument or judgement passed on our day. It was love, fun and laughter all around.




The Supporting Cast

Photographer: Jenny Beckett, JB moments photography

Venue: Stirling Registry Office, Airth Castle, Our own home / back garden

Wedding Attire: House of Henderson Kilts, Stirling

The Flowers: Fleur de Lis, Stirling

Transport: Ultimate Private Hire Cars

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