Supplier Catch Up with Stacie at Naughton Braun Pearl Jewellers

by Michelle

Naughton Braun offer a full palette of the highest quality freshwater pearls that extends to nearly every size, shape, lustre and hue.

The captivating lustre of pearls is a beautiful thing and pearls compliment bridal wear so well. But what if you’re looking for something just a little different? Absolutely no problem at all as Naughton Braun offer  a wide selection of unique contemporary pieces, which also have a timeless quality which means you’ll want to wear your bridal jewellery long after your wedding day. We love this idea as it’s such a romantic way to treasure your big day memories.

We fist had the pleasure of speaking to Naugton Braun over the summer and now we’re back for a quick catch up, so over to Stacie for an update.

Remind our readers what you do

We create beautiful pearl jewellery that we call re-imagined classics based our experiences as we travel the globe. We will publish a blog very soon that shows our travel pictures and the pearl pieces we created based on our experiences.

We feel that each piece has a story our customers can share and stories are what connects us to one another.

What have you been up to since we last spoke?

We have been working on expanding our current lines, including 4 new pieces that we are offering for the 2017 Holiday Season. The new pieces are:

Truilli – Pearl Necklace. truly lovely!

Polignano a Mare – Pearl Necklace, a white coin pearl necklace with little geometric links available in gold-tone or silver-tone

Thorncrown – Biawa Pearl & Silk Necklace , a soft crocheted silk necklace with a single extra-large pearl pendant based on the Thorncrown Wedding Chapel (Google it, it is so beautiful) and perfect for sweater weather!

The Trafalgar Medley- Hematite & Pearl Jewelry, 7 different colours of triple strand hematite and a really large pearl pendant. For a boho wedding, this necklace would be great for Bridesmaids!

In addition we have been working on our new marketing campaign and plan lots of new roll-outs based on the idea that pearl jewelry is meant to be shared with our daughters and grand-daughters!  My 26 year old daughter takes this literally all the time. ​

What are your stand-out moments since our last chat?

We were contacted by a Customer who needed the Grotta Palazzese – Pearl Necklace shipped quickly to Switzerland because she was planning on wearing it to a Ball in Prague. A real life princess type story! And we are hoping she will share her Ball photos!

And we partnered with a Mom Group out of New York City to provide them with the Rudas – Pearl Earrings for a women’s entrepreneur event in June It was a fabulous success! We created the earrings just for the event and now offer them on our site. They are definitely Bride-worthy!

What do you have planned for the next 12 months?

We are planning on expanding our marketing on the idea about sharing pearl jewellery among generations and are looking into different charities that we might partner with and are interested in working with us on creating a select piece of pearl jewellery where proceeds from the sale can be donated to the charity.

In addition, we have just begun to contact Botanical gardens to see if they would like to partner with us to create pearl jewellery botanical type designs to feature in their shops. If you know anyone that might be interested, let us know!

We are planning to launch an online wedding shop in 2018. Would you be interested in selling through us? If so, what products would you like to offer our readers/customers?

We would love to know more about this idea and we would be willing to feature some existing and new pearl earrings and necklaces.

All images courtesy of Naughton Braun

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