Fabulously Alternative Cake Creations by the Tattooed Bakers

by Michelle

We love wedding cakes and chocolate treats that feature a super creative element, so we’re delighted to introduce you to the Tattooed Bakers, who describe themselves as ‘food artists with a difference’ and we certainly agree with that.

The Tattooed Bakers create completely bespoke edible art – 14ft gingerbread house anyone? In addition to their successful corporate work, the brilliant thing for us is that they also create the most amazing wedding cakes to order. Just perfect for couples looking for a cake that’s edgy and alternative, that really rocks their wedding theme and is totally unique to them.

With only your imagination to limit you, the possibilities of what the Tattooed Bakers can create for your wedding are boundless. With an extensive range of cake flavours and fillings on offer, your cake should also taste as outstanding as it looks.

Here are some of our favourite designs. Which are your favourites and what would you ask the Tattooed Bakers to create for you?

Unicorn Cake

What a stunning work of art this unicorn cake is. Just look how lifelike it is and the textures and minute details are amazing. You’ll never want to cut into this one.

Best Day Ever Cake

Such a brilliant tiered cake. Again the detail, particularly the wings, is astonishing.


Rainbow Pony Unicorn Cake

As you know, we adore a drip cake, but when it’s topped with the cutest pony unicorns ever, we’re totally smitten

True Love Cake

Another drip cake to fall in love with. Such a wacky and wonderful design. Why the winged nail varnish? We’ll never know, but it just makes for one amazing cake.

A whimsical Wildlife Cake

Just look at the detail of this cake and the imagination and creativity that’s clearly gone into it’s design is awesome. The animals just look like they’re out for a stroll. With colour pop frogs and flowers adding to the wild mix, this is yet another one to love.


Statue Cake

If you didn’t know any better, you would think this was crafted from marble, not cake. What a masterpiece. The carefully crafted exotic touches just add that extra dimension.

Til Death Us Do Part Cake

Taking the drip cake to the next level is this fabulous Til Death Us Do Part Cake which works the bang on trend skull theme perfectly. Pink roses add a romantic touch, but this is still one edgy cake. Perfect for any couple looking for something uniquely alternative.


Chocolate Delights

We also wanted to show you a couple of the chocolate creations that the Tattooed Bakers have created and these are available from their online shop.

Rainbow Pony Unicorn

Wouldn’t this cute as a button Belgian white chocolate pony unicorn make a fab thank you present for your bridesmaids?

Red Tattooed Heart Pinata

Wow, a Belgium white chocolate heart filled with love hearts. What a wonderful gift to surprise your loved one with.


Source for all images: Tattooed Bakers

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