Talking Wedding Coffee With the Real Coffee Bean Company

by Michelle

Calling all coffee connoisseurs, give your wedding guests and yourself a great pick-me-up at your wedding and serve outstanding coffee at cocktail hour, to round up your wedding breakfast or ongoing, during your celebrations to keep your guests energised.

If you’re planning a barn or marquee wedding in particular, you will hopefully have more flexibility regarding the details of your catering. So why not treat your guest to the real thing with coffee by The Real Coffee Bean Company? We’ll chat to them and learn more about their great coffee in just a moment, but first a wedding focused coffee idea to get you in that mellow coffee appreciation moment.

Mobile Coffee Bars 

Have you heard about mobile coffee bars? We’ve seen several in the US, but we can’t easily locate any in the UK. Do any of our lovely suppliers out there have one? Isn’t it a fabulous idea though to have a staffed mobile coffee bar at your venue to provide all types of coffee from flat whites to lattes for your guests to enjoy as part of your celebrations?

In the same way that mini Prosecco vans or pop up bars provide alcohol, coffee bars can provide fresh, aromatic coffee all day or night long, and you can certainly count us in, but only if we can provide our own coffee.

Cue The Real Coffee Bean Company, and we’re delighted to hand you over to Christopher, a director of the company to tell your more about their business ethos and of course, their delicious coffee.

Tell us about your coffee and how you source it

It’s all about taste – if the coffee doesn’t taste good then it’s not for us. We assess the coffee at different stages of the supply chain to make sure we have a consistent cup, and that we actually receive what we have bought.We’re talking about tolerances for moisture levels, defect counts and, of course, taste. We like to source sustainably too, a lot of our coffees are from certified farms which gives us peace of mind that we are doing our bit for the community and the environment.

All of our coffee is actually Fair trade.

Which coffee varieties do you stock and what are their individual characteristics

As it stands we offer three; Brazilian, Colombian and what we call our House blend. We offer those in the form of 200g ground coffee bags as well as 1Kg whole beans.

The Brazilian coffee is 100% Single Origin Arabica and has high notes of peanut and chocolate with a smooth, medium body. Adding milk would develop the flavour into tones of caramel.

Our Colombian coffee is also 100% Single Origin Arabica and is medium roasted to produce a full, nutty flavour. Low acidity, toffee and butterscotch notes develop with milk.

Our House Blend is sourced from three different parts of the world and is both Arabica and Robusta. It’s a mix of Brazilian coffee, as well as Central America and Ethiopia (Sidamo); full bodied and full of flavour! Rich deep cocoa balanced by some sweet caramel notes and subtle roasted hazelnuts in the background. A smooth and creamy mouth feel with a long syrupy finish.

Which blend would you recommend serving at a wedding reception and why?

Our House Blend would work well – it will cut through all the food and alcohol consumed during the day and would work well following the wedding breakfast.

Turning to wedding present lists, couples may be inclined to ask for a coffee pod type machine, for sheer convenience. In the nicest way possible, how would you persuade them otherwise?

Well it’s subjective really so I’m not quite sure I would try and convince them otherwise.

There’s no doubt that a freshly made brew or cup of coffee tastes better than a pod but I have to say that a coffee pod is most ideal for days when you urgently need that cup of coffee, yet haven’t got the time to make it.

At “Girl Gets Wed Central”, we use a large stove top moka coffee maker, and it makes fantastic coffee.  How do you make yours?

Honestly, I use the same – stove-top percolator all the way!

And finally, tell us what you have planned for the next twelve months

Well we’re looking to expand our product line; with great feedback on our current offerings we’re encouraged to continue doing what we do and provide more of the same quality.

We are also looking to launch a line of pod offerings – you know, for convenience.

All main images excluding 3&9 courtesy of The Real Coffee Bean Company

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