Five Fab Reasons To Buy a Pre-owned Wedding Dress

by Michelle

Finding your perfect wedding dress is such an exciting part of your wedding preparations. Right from the moment you said ‘I do’ you’ve probably been dreaming about the details and spending hours on pintrest checking out different styles.

Then reality bites, as your perfect gown may come with a not so perfect price tag. This leads to the question of ‘how do I achieve that A List look without the A list price tag?’ And our answer is why not consider doing your wedding dress shopping at Bridal Reloved? They sell a fantastic, ever changing range of top quality pre-owned and sample gowns at much reduced prices.

As regular readers will recall, we had the pleasure of talking to Hannah at Bridal Reloved in Street, Somerset a little while ago. This was a really interesting and popular post, fabulous photos too!

We’ve invited Hannah back to tell us more about pre-owned gowns and the massive benefits to your budget, the environment and more, whilst not compromising on the style and glamour that all brides are looking for in their special dress.

Hannah writes:

Why buy a preowned wedding dress? 

“It’s your special day, standing in the dress of your dreams as you pledge your love to your partner. But, would you do it in a preloved gown? Before you say NO, here’s what you should consider;

Preowned doesn’t always mean used

A number of dresses found in our stores are unworn for weddings. We’ve heard from brides who couldn’t decide on a dress and bought multiple options then bring us the dresses they didn’t wear.

Sometimes there are changes in circumstances and a dress is unworn and we also have dresses formerly used as sample gowns in other bridal boutiques.

These dresses are all in great condition and waiting to fulfil their destiny.

A large range of designers, styles and prices to choose from

Unlike other boutiques, at Bridal Reloved, we are not tied to a narrow selection of designers. You can find a range of designers and we like to keep a variety of styles in the hope we have something for everyone.

Our price tags reflect this too. We have dresses originally ranging from £1000 to £4000 now available for a fraction of those prices.

You’re helping the environment

The wedding industry generates a huge amount of waste every year so it’s important to consider how we can limit our impact on the environment.

One way is to reuse and recycle what is already available, and let’s be honest there are plenty of wedding dresses around, in great condition, ready to become someone else’s dream dress. 

You’re not compromising by buying pre-owned

We all know the scenario, you buy a wedding magazine, flick through page after page of designer dress and then sigh when you feel they’re out of your price range. This is where buying pre-owned really comes into it’s own.

At Bridal Reloved we sell dresses for approximately half their initial retail value (whether worn or not) meaning that the Jenny Packham dress you’ve been longing over has suddenly fallen into your budget. Or you’ve set your dress budget, only discover that by buying pre-owned you can get a better quality dress than you initially expected.

Perfect for brides on a tight time scale

Your wedding date is set and it hasn’t left you very long to find your dream dress. You check your wedding planner and it suggests finding your dress 12 months before your wedding. 12 MONTHS!!

You don’t have that long! Choosing a pre-owned dress eliminates the long waiting time associated with ordering a new dress. You could find your dress and with a few minor tweaks it’s perfect and ready to go, quite often in as little as 6 weeks.

So, hopefully I’ve opened your eyes to the world of pre-owned – and now you’re thinking, “Where do I get my preowned dress from?”

Why choose Bridal Reloved? 

We’ve heard of numerous occasions of people buying dresses from China, eBay or Facebook only to find that they’re not as expected, damaged or just don’t fit. This can often result in it being a very costly mistake. Why not eliminate this risk and head to your nearest Bridal Reloved store? There are currently 12 boutiques across the U.K.

Our stores offer the same great service and experience you expect from any new wedding dress boutique including the services of a seamstress should you require any alterations.

You have the chance to try on lots of gorgeous gowns, surrounded by your best girls in a personal and welcoming environment.

We showcase all of our dresses on our Facebook pages and website, allowing you to view styles, as well as prices, upfront, which is particularly helpful if you are on a budget. Our stores also offer a 3 month payment plan to help spread the cost.

I hope I’ve tempted you to open your eyes to the world of pre-owned dresses, but regardless of where you find your dream dress I hope it is a truly special experience. ”

Wow, thanks Hannah, such an informative piece, thank you and we hope to check back with you again soon.

All images courtesy of Bridal Reloved


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