Blooming Summer Inspiration Part 2 – Fabulous Summer Inspired Cakes

by Michelle

A beautiful cake is at the heart of every wedding feast and we imagine that choosing your wedding cake will be one of the most exciting parts of your wedding planning. It should certainly be one of the tastiest!

As you know we’ve been catching up with some of our suppliers recently to remind you just how fabulous their work is, and none more so than a couple of our blog buddy wedding cake makers Anita B Cakes and Three Little Birds Bakery.

Image Source: Anita B Cakes

Taking the theme of blooming summer, cast you eye over these fabulous seasonally inspired cakes from our best bakers and we don’t know about you, but we’d love a slice of each, and a cupcake, oh and maybe a macaroon!

Magnificent Naked Wedding Cakes From Anita B Cakes

A naked wedding cake is a contemporary and appetising choice for any style of modern wedding that is not likely to go out of fashion any time soon. This very strong trend is set to continue evolving and developing in style as the year unfolds. Tall tiered cakes with fresh flowers and summer fruits on each tier, neat and formal, or rustic and casual, with decorations on each tier or neatly cascading down the cake. Each one as lovely as the next and no two wedding cakes ever the same.

Anita, owner of Anita B cakes recently shared with us two amazing naked cakes she’s made, and don’t they look beautiful? We love the jam and buttercream oozing gently out of each layer and the summer berries compliment both cakes so well.

Romantic white roses and soft frothy gypsophila add a luxe finishing touch to this first cake.

Image Source: Anita B Cakes

Image Source: Anita B Cakes

Whilst this cute mini ‘Just Married ‘ bunting and a delicious stash of fresh fruit tops this second cake perfectly.

Image Source: Anita B Cakes

Doesn’t it look fabulous?

Image Source: Anita B Cakes

Pretty as a Petal Cupcakes

Everyone has a soft spot for a cupcake, but just look how wonderfully detailed Anita has made these, right down to the pretty green leaves complete with realistic markings, just lush.

Image Source: Anita B Cakes

How About A Brightly Coloured Cake?

Brightly decorated wedding cakes are such a style statement this year, and a strong, modern choice. Bold and attention grabbing, they will add a confident splash of colour to your wedding reception. Well suited to a richly coloured venue set up with a bold theme. 

And as you know we love vibrant colour, so the bright blooms and hot pink soft iced bottom layer of this cake, also by Anita ticks all of our boxes. And you can guarantee it will taste as good as it looks.

Image Source: Anita B Cakes

Three Little Birds Bakery’s Delightful Summer Infused Cake

A close rival to the naked cake for the title ‘The Newest Cake Trend’  must surely be the very clever, easy on the eye drip design.

The drip design lends a bit of whimsy to a wedding cake, whilst also allowing for the addition of pretty embellishments like intricate fondant details or moreish macaroons like this stunning example from Rebecca at Three Little Birds Bakery,

Talk about sensory overload, we think this cake absolutely celebrates the very best of all things summer. For couples looking to add a unique spin onto their modern celebration, this is the cake design for you.

Image Source: Three little Birds Bakery

Magical Macaroons

If you’re looking for a lighter option than a traditional wedding cake, but still want something that looks visually stunning, then a macaroon tower must be the answer.

The brilliant thing about macaroons is that they can be colour co-ordinated to match the theme of your day beautifully, and did we mention all the delicious flavours available?

This delicate macaroon tower by three little Birds would make an excellent centrepiece to any cake table, and we’re sure that once your guests get their hands on them, they won’t last long.

Image Source: Three little Birds Bakery

The idea of having macaroons as your wedding favours is also really lovely, especially if packaged in pretty boxes like these, for your guests to take home and savour, although looking this good, we’re not sure how many would actually make it home!

Image Source: Three Little Birds Bakery

A Chic Wedding Cake Embellished with Flowers and Vintage Lace Detail

Adding handmade sugar flowers are having a bit of a moment this year, which we think is such good news. Having gone out of favour for a while, we’re certainly seeing an increasing number of cakes, such as this beautiful one from Three Little Birds featuring old English garden roses.

Such skillful sugar work allows your wedding cake to be totally personalised to your requirements, with the flowers gently coloured to match the fresh flowers in the bridal bouquet which would make a lovely keepsake. 

Image source: Three Little Birds Bakery

Take a closer look at this charming cake and You’ll also notice the lace stencil detail which adds a chic understated texture to the cake.

A classically romantic cake like this would make a marvellous centrepiece for a wide range of wedding themes from woodland rustic to the more formal  English rose garden theme, and as with all the cakes we have had the pleasure of featuring, we’re sure it will taste divine.

Image Source: Three Little Birds Bakery


Feature Image Collage: Anita B Cakes & Three little Birds Bakery

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