Key Questions To Ask Your Florist

by Michelle

Choosing a florist who can translate your ideas and no doubt your many Pintrest pictures into the reality of a beautiful wedding bouquet requires a bit of planning.

Will you choose a softly tied country garden style bouquet, bursting with English country meadow type blooms, a formal fragrant rose and lily bouquet or one of the very many options in between? And that’s even before you think about your venue flowers.

With a virtually endless array of choices for your wedding flowers it’s crucial to find and book a florist who understands your vision. Someone you have the confidence in to give your big day flowers the right look and feel to match the style and tone of your wedding.

To help you with this use our list of 12 key questions to sit down with your potential florist and check out if they can deliver your dream blooms.

Where is the best place to see examples of their work?

The florist’s own website is the obvious starting point, however, they may also have been featured in wedding magazines. Check out as many images of the different floristry styles of your supplier as you can to help you decide which ones you prefer.

What ideas can you give me within my budget?

It’s important that the florist listens to you and helps you find solutions within your budget. If it isn’t possible to create your ideal flowers within your budget, a good florist should suggest alternative arrangements or alternative blooms. Don’t forget that home grown British  in-season flowers will be probably be cheaper.

Image Source: Buckets of Blooms

Which flowers are in season for my wedding?

Following on from the above question, regardless of budget, many brides now prefer to ‘shop the season’ regarding their flowers and choose locally grown blooms.

Not only is this a great eco-friendly option, it supports your local economy, the scent of British blooms is usually wonderfully intense and florists that have their own growing field/supplier can often source delightful ‘non-mainstream’ flowers for you – how special and unique is that?

Is there a consultation fee?

If so can it be redeemed against your flower order?

Is there a maximum distance you will travel and will we be billed for your travel expenses?

This is an important question to clarify with your florist, especially if you are expecting them to travel a long way from their base to deliver flowers and perhaps set up displays on the day.

 When must we pay for our wedding flowers?

Many florists will require an initial advance deposit, others will expect you to settle the bill on or just after your big day.

How much notice do you require?

Remember that for high season weddings in particular, your florist will require as much notice as possible in order to plan their order. If you want something that’s out of season or quite unusual, expect this to take a little longer. Most brides book their florist at least six months before their wedding.

Which flowers will last longest and look their best throughout the day in the heat?

This is important for high summer weddings, and especially flower crowns. Certain flowers are much more resilient than others.  

How far in advance do you create the bouquets and other floral arrangements?

Clearly you want your all your flowers to be as freshly arranged as is practically possible.

Are you able to install the flowers at my venue(s) on the day?

If you have chosen a florist who isn’t local, be sure to check how they will deliver the flowers. Are they able to do so personally? What’s the maximum they will travel to decorate your venue?

How long will you need to set up?

On the morning of the wedding, chances are, there will be a number of wedding suppliers coming in and out of the venue, setting up different elements of the day.

If you have your own wedding planner, or the venue has an in house planner, they should co-ordinate everyone so that no one gets in anyone else’s way. It’s helpful if they know when to expect your florist and how long they will take to set up.

Do you supply vases, candle votives and other accessories in addition to flowers?      

Your florist may be able to bring a number of  accessories to add to the ambience of your venue and complement your floral displays.

Check if there is an additional hire fee for these, and how soon after the wedding must they be returned?


Feature Image: Joanna Carter Flowers


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