12 Ways To Beat Your Wedding Budget

by Michelle

Looking for ways to streamline your wedding budget? Take inspiration from these budget beaters below, which are designed as quick fire ideas to get you thinking what your big day priorities are, where you can be more creative with what you already have and where, if you ask nicely, you never know who may be able to help you – do you have a budding florist in the family,  or a whizz with digital graphics able to produce lovely stationery ideas for you?  And you’re bound to know someone who can bake a delicious cake.

It’s all about planning well ahead, being realistic, in fun positive way, and thinking of as many ways as you can that will allow you to enjoy your day without breaking the bank.

One Venue

Choosing separate ceremony and reception venues can really increase your costs, particularly if you’re planning to have separate decorations and flowers at each venue. Save time, money and planning hassle by choosing one venue that does both.

Image Source: Bijou Wedding Venues

Do You really Need a Grand Entrance?

You might love the idea of arriving in style in a vintage Rolls Royce, but if you think about it, your guests will be seated inside and won’t see you drive up. Ask around and if you have a friend or family member with a nice car, why not ask them to do the honours?

Decide on Your Priorities

Take time at the outset to consider what your top three priorities are. For example: venue, dress, catering & bar. Allocate the biggest spend to these then find ways to compromise on the rest.

Image Source: Cotswold Marquees

Choose Your Day & Season Wisely

Saturday high summer weddings are always popular, so suppliers will probably charge more for these dates. If you want to make instant savings, consider an off-season autumn or winter wedding on a Friday or a Sunday. Chances are your chosen venue is more likely to be available at these times too.

Hit The Sales

Bridal boutique sample sales are a great way to source incredible gowns at lower prices. Don’t forget though, you will still need to pay for alterations.

Slimline The Guest List

To state the obvious, the more guests you invite, the higher costs you will incur. Decide who really matters to you as a couple, and invite only those you truly want to share your day with.

Give Formal Dining The Boot

Formal sit down wedding breakfasts don’t come cheap and there are plenty of venues/caterers who are willing to offer less formal arrangements. A buffet style breakfast or BBQ should save you money and chances are your guests will feel much more relaxed – who doesn’t enjoy a great BBQ?

Ditch The Matching Suits

Thinking of hiring or even buying matching suits for your groom and his groomsmen? This is a costly option, instead, why not get them to wear a suit they already own and pull the look together with matching ties, pocket squares and buttonholes?

Big Is Good

When planning your reception layout, ask if it is possible for your venue to use bigger tables, or join several tables together. Larger tables means fewer table centre displays and it’s a much more sociable option.

Image Source: Bijou Wedding Venues

Ask For A Discount

If you decide to get married out of season or during the week, ask your vendors for a discount. If your suppliers are in less demand at this time, they may consider negotiating their rates.

Ask For Help From Friends And Family

We’re not talking for direct monetary contributions here, but rather, tap into any skills friends and family have and they could even offer their help & skills as a wedding gift to you. For example; is your brother’s girlfriend a florist? A graphic designer, a really good baker?

Ask nicely and you could have someone to do your wedding flowers, stationery or even your cake. You may even have an expert bunting or pompom maker in your midst, if you don’t ask, you’ll never know. And as I suggested earlier, if you know someone with a nice car, this could be your wedding transport sorted.

Start Collecting

Again, I’m not talking money here, but take a look around you at everyday items and think creatively how they could be used on your big day.  Start collecting jars in all shapes & sizes to use as  vases for informal flower arrangements, scour charity shops for items like a lovely large old picture frame to use as your seating table plan – spray painted, this would look amazing, I’ll explain what I mean in an upcoming post.

Image Source: Emma Sousa Flowers

I could go on and on here, but I’ll save it for future posts, but rest assured that I’ll be talking much more about Luxe Looks for less in future blogs. And if you have any swish DIY wedding ideas, don’t keep them to yourself, share your talents and let us know about them.


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