Introducing My New blog – Girl Gets Wed – Part 2

by Michelle
Originally Published in Girl in a Hard Hat on 8th February 2107


Yesterday, I introduced my new blog, Girl Gets Wed to you, and I promised that I’d pop back today to tell you more about it’s content.

Just like Girl in a Hard Hat, Girl Gets Wed  will have a vibrant, magazine style format and will be my unique take on everything you need to plan your day, your way. From amazing wedding themes, sensational gowns, swoon worthy venues and fabulous flowers, it’s all included, and much more.

Come on, take a quick look at what I’ve got planned for you:

Style My Wedding

This will include everything that goes into making your wedding as individual as you are. I love the idea of wedding themes, so the blog will feature as many as possible, with practical guidance to help you recreate and personalise them for your wedding. You’ll find everything from vibrant salsa and rustic boho vintage ……. 

To urban chic wedding inspiration, and so much more.

I get a really creative kick out of this sort of thing, I’m also a mega practical sole, so style my wedding will be a practical useful and usable resource, inspiring you will a wealth of ideas, and most importantly, helpful advice on how to interpret the look for your wedding.


Where do you start when discussing wedding venues? And can you ever stop listing them all? I think not. And actually, I think this is a good thing. From sun soaked destinations ….

To a local field just crying out for a marquee, a well-stocked bar and BBQ there are venues to suit every taste and budget.

I’m so looking forward to researching all the different venue options for you and to showcasing what’s available up and down the country and beyond.


As I keen photographer, I love this element of weddings. I have total respect for photographers who are able to capture all the love and fun of such a special day.

Each couple will have their own ideas as to the type of photography they want, be it an album of formal photos or a selection of enchanting informal images. I’ll be discussing all these forms of photography and hopefully picking up and sharing a few tips from the experts as I go!

Behind the Seams

The question of what to wear on your wedding day is a delightful dilemma, in the very nicest possible way. Are you a ‘big dress’ bride? Are you in search of something sleek and sophisticated? Or do you favour an alternative such as a trouser suit? I’ll be exploring all these options and more as we go along, following the latest catwalk trends and interpreting them in my unique way. 

I can also sew and have indeed, have been involved in making several wedding and bridesmaid’s dresses. Although nowadays, I tend to stick to sewing less stressful home furnishings – cushions and curtains have the reassuring habit of not losing weight at the last-minute as many brides do, so no burning the midnight oil with final adjustments.

Having grown up with a needle and thread in hand, I feel that I’m able to offer an insider’s view of what goes on ‘behind the seams’ as I like to call it, and I’m looking forward to sharing my love of fashion, paired again with my practical knowledge.

My Love of Flowers

Growing up, when I didn’t have a needle and thread in my hand, I probably had a trowel. I absolutely love gardening and although I’m absolutely no expert, I feel that wedding flowers are something I can talk about with a degree of knowledge, and masses of enthusiasm!

It will be an absolute delight to feature as many flower growers and florists as possible and to revel in the special beauty of blooms, from simple ‘just gathered from the garden’ looks to the formal elegance of a bouquet of snow-white roses. And venue flowers – who isn’t moved and enchanted by the sight and fragrance that greets you as you walk into a wedding venue dressed with gorgeous flowers?

Celebration Cakes

Come on; admit it, who doesn’t enjoy sampling the delights of a fantastic wedding cake? They have changed though, quite dramatically and quite recently. Whilst traditional fruit cakes, covered in marzipan and royal icing with sugar roses and intricately iced details are still in evidence, there are new cakes on the block/cake stand! These range from naked/semi naked cakes, which are sponge with an ultra-thin sweep of buttercream applied, and are often dressed with fruit, to cheese wedding cakes and even multi layered pork pie cakes.

I’m sure we can manage many a mouth-watering post ‘sampling’ all of these and more. Just step away from these posts if you are in the slightest bit peckish at the time, but come back when you’ve eaten, I don’t want you to miss them!

DIY Wedding Ideas

This is something that I’ll share with you in much more detail as the blog develops. As regular readers of Girl in a Hard Hat will attest, and as I’ve mentioned above, I have a creative mind and a practical core. This means that whilst I’m constantly thinking up new ideas, these are always tempered with the down to earth thought of ‘how can I actually do this?’

So, bear with me on the DIY wedding ideas, and rest assured that I’m working hard to bring you some super stylish and very ‘do-able’ projects. And remember wedding run ups can be stressful so don’t feel you have to go it alone here, enlist the help of crafty, DIY savvy  friends and family.

Submit a Wedding

Readers love real weddings and if you’re recently wed, what better way to share your big day, than on the blog? Tell us all about your amazing day and show us how everything looked. From photos of the happy couple to images of your venue, your flowers, your first dance, we’d all love to see and read about everything!  

Already on the blog,  we have followers not just from the UK but America, Canada and beyond, so you’ll have a great audience to showcase your big day to.

Couples planning their big day also love to read about and see photos of recent weddings, in the UK or overseas as it’s a super way of gathering ideas and inspiration. Styled wedding shots can be wonderful, but real wedding stories and images are the most amazing.

The Supplier Edit

This is a really exciting, unique and extremely fascinating element on the blog. It’s where we give a well deserved shout out to the suppliers of goods and services that together, help you realise your dream of creating a day to remember.

Image Source: Bubbles & Bakes

We will be talking to a wide range of suppliers. Ranging from photographers and cake makers to marquee providers, prosecco van owners, flower growers, florists and well, the list is growing by the day. We ask each supplier the same list of questions, and the wonderful thing is that their answers are as individual as they are. It makes for a great read, and offers a delightful insight into the people and businesses who help make your day.

Image Source: Cotswold Marquees


As the blog develops, our audience will grow and our social media influence will increase. This is how Girl in a Hard Hat has grown, with a current following in excess of 10,000 on Twitter alone. In the fullness of  time, we will invite and welcome collaborations with wedding suppliers to share their products and services with you.

Come on Over to Girl Gets Wed

Always remember, the ethos of both blogs is the same. They are totally welcoming, inclusive, a great read …. and colourful!

Girl Gets Wed isn’t all about me, it’s all about you, if you’re a newly wed, submit you wedding photos and share your fab day with us. If you’re a wedding supplier, get in touch and tell us more about what you do. And of course, if you’re recently engaged, and planning your wedding, then dive right into the blog and enjoy planning your big day with us.

So, do you like the sounds of what Girl Gets Wed has to offer? Great, then come on over, pull up a seat, and enjoy being part of our community made for you, by you, see you there on Valentines Day.

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