Introducing my new Blog – Girl Gets Wed – Part 1

by Michelle
Originally Published in Girl in a Hard Hat on 7th February 2017

Something quite different and exciting  is happening on the blog this week. I’m posting a day early, and there will be another, longer post tomorrow, both introducing my brand new blog Girl Gets Wed.

As followers on my social media accounts will be aware, I’ve been working hard on setting up Girl Gets Wed which I’m pleased to announce will launch next week, on Valentines Day.

I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce the new blog to you and invite you to take a peak and start following it on social media, all the links are on the new blog, and I’ve also listed them at the bottom of this post.

So, today, I just want to give you a quick insight into what motivated me to write the new blog and tomorrow, I’ll share much more about its content. 

I have always been fascinated by what goes into planning a wedding and it was early last autumn that I had my ‘ah ha’ light bulb moment regarding my new blog. As I was writing a post updating you on our garden makeover, where was arranging bunting and vases of flowers in the garden as an end of summer celebration, I thought ‘these would look brilliant as informal pieces to dress a barn or marquee wedding.

My mind then went into overdrive concerning all the elements of planning a wedding that I could write about from an informed yet fun perspective: flowers – absolutely, photography – yes, as a keen photographer with a good eye for a shot, there’s so much I want to share.

I then thought about venues and all the inspiration and ideas I have from choosing the right venue for your big day to styling the venue and DIY wedding ideas that I’d love to write about.

As a keen dressmaker, my appreciation of wedding gowns; how to choose ‘the one’ and keeping up to speed with all the latest trends is something that I could talk about for ever, and probably will.

And so it went on, I kept having more and more thoughts as to how I would structure a wedding blog and what would go in it.  And these thoughts just wouldn’t go away! Before too long I had the name for the new blog worked out, the logo sorted  and I decided to go for it.

Just like Girl in a Hard Hat, my new blog will have a colourful magazine format, and will be bursting with fantastic, practical wedding ideas and inspiration designed to make your big day amazing.

The new blog will evolve over time, as Girl in a Hard Hat has done. There are though, certain elements that I knew I wanted to include from day one. I feel these will make the blog a unique, exciting, informative and a ‘must bookmark’ site, whether you are planning a wedding, you are a wedding supplier or you are simply interested in stylish, contemporary celebrations – I’ll explain much more tomorrow.

In the meantime, take a look at the new social media feeds:  Girl Gets Wed is on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pintrest


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