In Conversation With Naomi at Upcycled Jar Candles

by Michelle

We know that so many of our brides are looking to decorate their venue with beautiful and unique finds, so we’re thrilled to introduce to you the very lovely work of Upcycled Jar Candles. Bespoke jars and candles that are the perfect decoration for your big day.

The really neat trick with Upcycled Jar Candles is that they take the packaging from baby products and create upcycled decorations that are reuseable. So not only will your decorations look beautiful and can be co-ordinated to your wedding theme, they are also really easy on the environment, a big plus in our eyes.

So whether you’re planning a vintage themed wedding, or you have an English country garden idea in mind or even a romantic winter wonderland wedding, these jar candles would make stunning decorations. Over to Naomi for the lowdown on her business.

Tell us a little about yourself and your business

I’m Naomi of Upcycled Jar Candles. I upcycle products out of packaging to create something beautiful, useful and reusable. I create bespoke jars and candles that are the perfect decoration for a wedding or big occasion.

I work closely with the customer to provide a product that is unique and custom made for your big day.

The Jars can be tinted to co-ordinate a colour choice or decorated to suit a particular Motif, for example Country and Vintage Weddings have been very popular this year. I even personalise the scent of the candles and make beautiful hanging jars for outside.

The Wedding service is my absolute favourite because I love collaborating with the couple to produce something bespoke to enhance the ambience of such a big event like a Wedding.

I get a buzz out of the fact that something so pretty can be completely recycled and reused.

All my products come with a list of possible future uses and upcycles. So I hope the customer will catch the upcycling bug as well.

What motivated you to start your business?

I am a Mum of two small boys, William and Matthew. I noticed all the waste packaging that my kids produced and I wanted to reduce this waste from day one.

I think that Upcycled Jar candles came out of wanting a more sustainable future for them. I realised the Jar I was giving my baby his fruit from was really lovely and the seed was planted to see what I could create.

I now make all my products out of baby packaging. It’s amazing to think that what become such beautiful objects in there own right could have been needlessly thrown away.

Tell us a little more about the day to day activities of your business

I split my day between building up stock and working on bespoke custom orders and also creating new products.

I am currently working to build up my online presence and have recently set up a Twitter account  where I’m documenting my journey with Upcycled Jar Candles.

If our readers where to order from you what can they expect?

If you order with Upcycled Jar Candles you will get a bespoke and personalised service. I know how much every small detail matters for your big day and I will provide regular updates and pictures during the making process and promptly deliver your candles or vases. Communication is key to a good relationship and I will keep you in the loop throughout the whole process.

How can couples judge if a company is the right fit for their wedding?

I think a couple will know if a company is the right fit for them if they hold the same values and if they love the product. Couples that tend to fit with Upcycled Jar Candles respect the values of upcycling and sustainability but ultimately they love the products I produce and want beautiful bespoke Jars to enhance their wedding day.

What are your favourite moments from other weddings that you have been involved with?

There’s nothing like knowing that a product you have created is going to set off a table or a garden on the big day. But I think my favourite moment is working with the couple and knowing you are making something personal to them. I love sending picture updates during the making process.

The bigger picture – does your business offer goods/services outside of the wedding world? Tell us more

Upcycled Jar Candles is in it’s infancy and i’m always producing new upcycled products. I’m working on a tea cup bird feeder and a memory Elephant made out of babys old clothes. So yes watch this space. I have products in the pipeline, it’s going to be an exciting year I’m showcasing my new products on Twitter.

What or who Inspires you and why?

My boys inspire me. I don’t think I’d of had the idea for Upcycled Jar Candles without them. They make me want to create a sustainable future. I think that upcycling stimulates creativity as it forces you to think outside the box.

I want to create beautiful objects with a function out of existing materials. It’s an exciting process, I really think we need to change the way that we look at stuff and get inspired about creating a better future.

All images courtesy of Upcycled Jar Candles

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